VEE series

Fully automatic labeling machine for labeling buckets and cans

The systems of the VEE model series are ideal for labeling medium-sized containers such as buckets, paint cans and canisters in all industries such as food, chemicals, paints and varnishes - regardless of whether they are oval, round or rectangular plastic or metal containers. Depending on customer requirements, the products can be aligned before the labeling process and plastic or metal handles can be brought into the position required for labeling. Optionally, the labeling system can be expanded to include additional labeling stations in order to apply a lid label if necessary.

We recommend the VEE-2S model for double-sided labeling. If it is a question of all-round labeling, our model VEE-2DS is used. A combination of both systems is possible without any problems.

On request, we also supply a lid closing unit (DVS) as an accessory, which presses on the lid that has already been placed before the labeling process.  

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VEE series



VEE - 2S




Oval and rectangular containers

Round containers

Performance range

up to 40 products / min

up to 25 products / min (with handle alignment)

Equipment options:

TTO print module, camera system (s), ejection station, backup labeler, turntable, buffer table, label ejection, lid labeler, bottom labeler, Braille labeler, label presence control, target labeling, label alignment, stainless steel design

Fully automatic labelling of rectangular and oval buckets

VEE-2S - Fully automatic labeling of rectangular and oval pails

VEE-2DS -  Fully automatic labeling of cylindrical pails with handle alignment and handle erection

Fully automatic labelling of rectangular and oval buckets

VEE-2DS - system overview

The model was developed to provide plastic buckets with plastic handles with a label on the conical circumference. Due to the conception with 2 roller prisms, the buckets are aligned in the first station in order to lift the handles at the corresponding position via a handle guide and to initiate the labeling process. The system can either be equipped with a label dispenser from the RAPID series or with a printing and dispensing unit.

Fully automatic labelling of rectangular and oval buckets
Fully automatic labelling of rectangular and oval buckets

In this application, the ZEBRA OEM thermal transfer printing system ZE500-4 was installed. The print data management was implemented with the label design and automation software LabelsPlatform 4  realizes and offers the operator and the customer a uniform label management and maximum ease of use. As in this application example, an automatically triggered barcode scanner can confirm the presence of the label or the correctness of the data. To make cleaning work easier, all openings in the system remain automatically closed when labeling is deselected or the system is switched off.

Option DVS - the closing unit for lids placed on buckets

The closing unit for lids placed on buckets

The unit is used to press the lid on plastic buckets. For this purpose, the system is placed in the line in front of the labeling station, for example, and has its own drive. The stepless height adjustment enables flexible use in relation to the container heights. If required, the system can be equipped with servomotors to enable an automatic format change.


Product examples

The VEE labeling machine can be used to label a wide variety of cylindrical products such as buckets and cans.


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Application examples

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