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Beefuture - Labelling of honey jars

Beefuture is a start-up with the goal of getting companies to contribute to the preservation of the ecosystem. Every year, beefuture fills and labels several thousand jars of honey. Until recently, the jars were labelled by hand.

The result was a lot of work, a lot of time and labels that were stuck on crookedly.

To automate the labelling process, beefuture decided on the TNC-DS semi-automatic labeller from b+b. With the semi-automatic labeller for wrap-around labelling of cylindrical products, the honey jars can be labelled around their circumference.

The honey jar is being put into the machine. The labelling process is triggered by pressing the foot switch. The label is applied precisely around the circumference of the product by the rotation.

Beefuture has set itself the task of counteracting bee mortality and getting companies excited about sustainable nature conservation. In 2018, b+b adopted eight beehives and has since been committed to the preservation of bees and thus to active environmental protection.


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