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TEM - Tubenetikettierung

Labeler for empty, unsealed tubes

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Fully automatic labeling machine for tubes

Due to lower storage costs and greater flexibility, more and more manufacturers are processing unprinted tubes and labeling them directly before filling.


Our TEM model was developed for this purpose and is able to label the empty, unsealed tubes around the perimeter. For this purpose, the products are transported via a clocked transport system to the labeling station, where they are first aligned and stabilized using a format-specific mandrel. The model can optionally be expanded to include infeed and outfeed magazines and/or inclined conveyors in the tube filler.


The throughput can be doubled as a double-cycle variant. Special sensor technology makes target labeling possible using print marks or lid features.


Model TEM


empty, unsealed products

50 - 60 products/min


empty, unsealed products


100 - 120 products/min

equipment options

  • TTO pressure module

  • camera system(s)

  • ejection station

  • backup labeller

  • turntable

  • buffer table,

  • label rejection

  • lid labeller

  • bottom labeller

  • Braille Labeller

  • Label presence control

  • additional side labeling of shaped bottles or canisters

Fully automatic tube labelling

Labeler for tubes - model TEM-2T - closeup

Fully automatic tube labelling

Labeler for tubes - model TEM-2T - overview image

Video example:

Labeler for tubes - model TEM-2T - video

Labeler with coding unit for paint tubes - model TEM - video

Other labeling machines for horizontal, cylindrical products

Tube labeller

Semi-automatic labeller for tubes

The TNC-T labeller was developed for labeling lying products


Ampoule labeler

fully automatic  

Products lying on the labeller

Of the  Labeler RML was developed for labeling lying products.

Tube labeller

Fully automatic labeller for

test tube

The RMLpharma labeler is used to label test tubes.


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