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Labelling systems & labelling machines: Frequently asked questions

What is a labelling machine?

Labelling machines are used in production lines or packaging lines in all industries. Labelling systems are available in various tree shapes and configurations. A labelling machine applies ready-made labels to a product or product packaging. The product is identified by the application of the labels. Labelling machines can be used to automate the labelling process - this offers considerable time savings in your production. You are spared tedious and time-consuming application of the labels. By using labelling machines, labels can be applied to a product faster and more precisely. 

Which labelling machines are available?

There are different types of labelling machines depending on the application:

Manual labeller

A manual labelling machine is operated by hand.  Small batches can be labelled quickly by using manual labelling devices. This saves set-up time and costs. The labelling device applies the label precisely to the product - you are spared the tedious manual alignment of the label. Manual labelling systems are mobile and therefore flexible in production.


Semi-automatic labelling machine

With semi-automatic labelling machines, the product is placed in the labelling machine by hand. The labelling process is started automatically by hand or foot operation and the label is applied to the product. The product is then removed manually. Medium-sized batches can thus be labelled without difficulty and higher production numbers can also be handled. Semi-automatic labellers take more work off the operator compared to manual operators. If your production quantities vary greatly, a semi-automatic labeller may be the right choice for you.

Fully automatic labelling machine

Automatic labelling systems are permanently integrated into production lines or packaging lines. The labelling process is fully automatic and requires no human intervention. Fully automatic labellers are ideal for high production volumes, as these cannot be handled by hand. Individual solutions are often required for automatic labelling. Due to a modular construction system of the fully automatic standard machines from b+b, individual adjustments can be made quickly and economically. For further requirements b+b offers appropriate special machines for labelling your products.

Label dispenser

Label dispensers apply labels precisely and quickly to products and packaging. Thanks to their compact design, label dispensers can be easily integrated into your production line.

Label print dispenser 

Label print dispensers consist of a label dispenser and label printer. The printing and application of labels takes place in one device. By using different applicators, almost any labelling requirement can be met.

How does a labelling machine work?

A label roll is inserted into the labeller and threaded according to the threading scheme. Depending on the application and labelling requirements, the labels are pre-printed and only need to be applied to the product or the labels are printed inline. This can be implemented by integrating a printing module - the labels can thus be printed in the machine. Either the label is printed before it is applied to the product or the label is printed with additional information after it is applied to the product.

With manual labelling machines, the label is applied by hand. With fully and semi-automatic labellers, the labelling process is automatic.


Depending on the application, the product can be applied using different methods.

Tamp-on Labelling corner-wrap

The label is applied to the label by two stamps and folded over.

Labelling with vacuum belt

The label is applied by vacuum suction  belt. The label is applied to the product via a pressure roller.

Tamp-on Labelling

The label is applied to the product with a stamp.

Blow-on Labelling

The label is applied to the product by air without any contact.

Wipe-on Labelling

The label is applied to the product using a roller or brush.

For which application areas can labellers be used?

Labelling machines apply ready-made labels to products. There are different technologies depending on the type of labelling, whether cold-glue labelling, hot-glue labelling, wet-glue labelling, self-adhesive labelling and sleeve labelling. The labeling machines from b+b are used for the application of self-adhesive labels.


Labellers can be used for a wide variety of labelling applications:

Corner labeling of bulk containers

Top and bottom labelling 

Side labelling of small, cylindrical products

Bottle labelling

Top-side labeling of flat products

Which products can be labeled with labeling systems?

A wide variety of products and product packaging can be labeled with labeling machines. Whether large, small, angular, cylindrical, conical or oval product formats - with labeling systems, almost any product shape can be labeled. b + b offers suitable labeling machines for all formats and surfaces.

Which surfaces can be labeled with labeling machines?

Basically, almost all product surfaces can be provided with labels with labeling machines:

  • oily surfaces

  • damp surfaces

  • rough or dusty surfaces

  • soft or elastic surfaces

  • smooth surfaces

  • solid surfaces

The right choice of label material and label adhesive is crucial here. At b + b, we would be pleased to advise you on the right choice of labels - tailored to your production environment and conditions.

Can labeling machines be integrated into an existing production line or packaging line?

Fully automatic labeling systems can be integrated into production lines and packaging lines. These are usually connected to other systems and machines in the line via a conveyor belt. - Both hardware and software.


Semi-automatic and manual labeling systems can be used flexibly in the production facilities - they are not integrated.


You are looking for a turnkey solution to label your products - contact us!

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