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Labelling of chemical drums

according to GHS directive

All chemicals are subject to classification and labelling prior to being placed on the market and are often placed on the market in barrels and hobbocks of different sizes. This places increased demands on the flexibility of the labelling unit with regard to print data, multicolour printing and application height (labelling height).


Often several labels will be applied to the circumference of the drum (product label, hazardous goods label(s) and logistics label). The system can be equipped with several label dispensers and/or several printing and dispensing systems. Labelling can be carried out in continuous operation or at a standstill. Depending on the application and labelling requirements, the labelling system can also be placed at a drum labelling station. 


The height adjustment is carried out either manually by means of smooth-running spindles or fully automatically by means of actuators which move the label dispensers into position depending on the system recipe. 


For label transfer to the drum, either simple label applicators, vacuum belts or robot systems are used, which can process different label sizes with the appropriate special vacuum plate.

The label presence or the correctness of the print data is checked either by the use of stationary barcode scanners or camera systems.

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Chemical drums

Equipment options:

TTO print module, label presence check, label ejection station, additional label dispenser with rotary station for GHS stickers, height adjustment unit for different drum sizes

Output rate

3 - 5 products/min

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