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Carton labeller

Fully automatic printing and dispensing system for labeling boxes

Our label print dispensers from the CLM series are predestined for use in the final packaging. Printing widths of 54 mm to 216 mm (2" to 8") are available for labeling your cardboard boxes. In addition to selecting the desired print width, the customer can choose between one- and two-color printing. The latter is helpful, for example, when implementing the GHS regulation in the chemical industry.

Due to our decades of experience in the development and integration of label printing dispensers, we can fall back on different label transfer processes. Depending on your requirements and the product properties, we will work with you to determine the optimal solution for your label application.

Optionally, our labeling systems can be equipped with barcode scanners or camera sensors for print data control or label presence verification in order to prevent any subsequent complaints from the outset.

In combination with our label design software Labelsplatform  choose the ideal and future-proof complete package. Connections to your merchandise management system or other database systems are possible without any problems. Ready-to-use application solutions, for example on the topics of the Food Information Ordinance LMIV (allergen labeling) in the food sector or hazardous substance labels (GHS Manager) for the chemical industry, are available to our customers for immediate use.


Model CLM


Labeling on the side


Side L labeling (+front)


Side L labeling (+rear)


Side U labeling (+front and back)


L labeling at bottom and front


L labeling at bottom and back


U labeling front, bottom and back

Fully automatic printing and dispensing system for labelling cartons

CLM - SH6 with pad applicator and brush


labeling from above


L labeling at top and front


L labeling at top and back


U labeling front, top and back

Fully automatic printing and dispensing system for carton labelling

CLM - Labeling on the back of the carton


video samples

CLM - S2I4 lateral carton labeling with backup station and 90° turning station

CLM - 2S - double-sided labeling of boxes

CLM-VS-TE double-sided seal labeling of boxes

CLM - Labeling on the back of the carton

Other box labeling machines

Manueller Etikettierer zur Oberseitenetikettierung

​Manual labeller for underside labelling

The manual labeller M-TE is used for topside labeling

Halbautomatischer Etikettierer für Siegeletikettierung

Semi-automatic labeller for seal labelling

The semi-automatic labeller TNC-L is used for seal labeling of boxes

Etikettierer für Tamper-Evident-Etikettierung

Fully automatic labeller for tamper-evident labelling

The TE labeller labels up to 300 folding boxes per minute.

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