PDL series

Fully automatic labelling machine for petri dishes

An example of our special machine development is our PDL model for labelling Petri dishes. In the system, filled and sealed Petri dishes are provided with a serialised DMC label within the minimum tolerance range at a capacity of 130 products/ min. Through the ideal interaction of mechanical engineering, label material and thermal transfer printers, we have achieved this to the complete satisfaction of our international customers. The Petri dishes are fed to the labelling system from the upstream filling and capping system.


The system transports the products through the various stations, such as labelling, print data and DMC inspection, by means of a cycle starwheel. If the quality of the barcode is not sufficient (according to the grading results), the product will be

By using our label applicators RAPID SM, the most accurate labelling machines available on the market, we guarantee an accuracy of +-0.2 mm at a labelling speed of 60 m/min while maintaining the same product quality. The signals are directly switched into the stepper motor card developed by us without detours.


In addition to our labelling systems, we also supply consumables such as gamma irradiated adhesive labels and thermal transfer foils to achieve a perfect labelling result.

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PDL models



PDL 60eco

PDL 60

PDL 260

PDL 2260 

Filled, closed petri dishes

Filled, closed petri dishes

Filled, closed petri dishes

Filled, closed petri dishes


60 products/min (2-lane)

100 products/min (rotation star)

100 products/min (2 rotation stars)

180 products/min (2 rotation stars)

All models can be extended by modules such as

• Printing unit

• Vision inspection (print presence, print data control, presence,

• automatic tool change

• Product rejection

• Serialisation (hardware and software)

• Audit Trail (21 CFR Part 11)

• Infeed and outfeed buffers, sorting devices etc

Advantages of the two systems in comparison

Linear system

+ lower initial investment costs

+ throughput up to 35 ppm

+ throughput of twin lane system (up to 60 ppm)

+ accuracy (+- 0,5 mm)

+ category process safety B – with full guarding A

+ product flow 180°

Rotary version

+ higher accuracy (+- 0,2 mm)

+ seemless pulse motion

+ throughput (up to 120 ppm)

+ category process safety A+

+ product flow can be chosen between 90°|180°|270°| 360°

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