Labelling machine for blisters - HSF series

Fully automatic stacking and labelling of blisters

With the HSF model series, small batches can be labelled with task-specific labels quickly, efficiently and in compliance with guidelines.

With conventional labelling machines, the labelling with pre-printed labels of order-related small batches leads to high set-up costs and a high expenditure of time. For particularly small batches of less than 200 units, such a changeover is far too costly. The line would have to be adjusted to other blister formats and labels several times a day.

Labelling of blisters - close up

By using the fully automatic labeller of the HSF model series, order-related small batches can be labelled cost-effectively and in the shortest possible time. The blisters are conveyed to the stacking and transport device via a feed belt. The blisters are stacked evenly and fed to the labelling station. Thanks to the printing and labelling system, the blank labels can be printed with variable and order-related data by thermal transfer printing.

The printed labels are applied to the top of the product via a dispensing edge. Different blister sizes can be labelled with the labeller. The discharge conveyor provides a stacking of the products, allowing easy manual removal of the blisters by the operating personnel.

With the labeller of the HSF model series, also similar flat products can be labelled and printed. Optionally, the printing and dispensing system can be integrated into the existing b+b trace site server solution. A camera system can be optionally integrated for quality inspection of the print and the applied labels.

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