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Dr. Franz Köhler Chemie GmbH relies on labellers and serialisation systems from b+b!

The innovative pharmaceutical company Dr. Franz Köhler Chemie GmbH continues to rely on complete solutions from b+b Automations- und Steuerungstechnik GmbH for labelling, serialisation and aggregation.

Dr. Franz Köhler Chemie GmbH - a research-intensive and innovative pharmaceutical company - specializes in organ-protective solutions, therapeutics, X-ray contrast media, antidotes and medical products. The company, based in Bensheim, was founded in 1959 and currently employs 180 people. It supplies drugs and medical products to clinics and wholesalers around the world. The pharmaceutical manufacturer operates a total of three production lines in one-shift operation - the production volume is increasing.

For the labeling and serialization of medical bottles, the company Dr. Franz Köhler Chemie GmbH again for a complete solution from b + b, consisting of hardware and software components. The pharmaceutical manufacturer is already successfully using two further systems for the industry-specific labeling of folding boxes and ampoules.

Etikettier- und Serialisierungsystem VRM-RB für medizinische Flaschen, wie zum Beispiel Vials
VRM-RB labelling and serialisation system for medical bottles such as vials

Turnkey solution for labeling and serialization

The turnkey solution for labeling and serialization of the medical bottles is made up of various hardware and software components:

The labeler of the model series VRM-RBpharma was developed for the all-round labeling of medical bottles. The products are reliably separated in the system. After the serial number has been printed on the label, the printed variable data is verified by a camera system. Both the data matrix code and the up to five lines of plain text are reliably recorded by the camera system. If the camera control identifies a label as not OK, the label is ejected before it is applied to the product.

With the labeling system, labels are applied precisely to the circumference of the bottle. The system can also be used to apply longer labels and booklet labels without creating a spiral offset. By using a rotating belt, up to 120 large-format bottles / min can be labeled. Different bottle formats and sizes are marked with the labeling system. With a tool-free format change, the labeling machine can be quickly and easily adjusted to other product formats.

The new facility also serializes prescription drugs. The serial numbers generated are automatically reported to domestic and foreign authorities' servers using b + b site servers.

Video of the labeling and serialization system

b + b as a reliable partner

Originally, the pharmaceutical company became aware of the company b + b automation and control technology through its camera manufacturer. Due to the convincing price, the modularity of the solutions and the corporate philosophy, the pharmaceutical manufacturer decided to work with b + b. According to the pharmaceutical company, b + b offers a much better price-performance ratio compared to the competition. When deciding in favor of the solutions from b + b, the reliability and flexibility of the systems were decisive, as was the simple structure and clarity.

The pharmaceutical company sees added value in the implementation of serialization requirements. The solution from b + b is characterized by almost 100% reliability in the transmission of the serial numbers. The operation of the

Machines is designed to be simple, intuitive and standardized. This made it easier for users to familiarize themselves with the new systems. The integration into existing systems went flawlessly.

The pharmaceutical company's manufacturing process now runs on modern, partially automated systems. The company benefits from higher system availability and a lower failure rate. So far, the pharmaceutical company has only had very good experiences with the solutions from b + b. Above all, the customer proximity and quick support for queries should be mentioned positively.


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