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Semi-automatic labelling

formbottles | special shapes

multiple sides

The TNC-DS series is used to label cylindrical products on the circumference. For this purpose, the product is manually placed in the product turning station.


The labelling process is triggered by actuating the foot switch or the optionally available 2-hand control. The product is rotated, and the label is applied precisely to the circumference of the label. As standard, the model is available with different roll widths (100 to 300 mm) and different label applicators (60 to 250 mm wide) or print- and apply systems.

Optionally, the labels can be aligned using a welding seam or other product features.

All models can be extended by modules such as

• Printing unit

• Vision inspection (print presence, print data control,
     presence, alignment)

• Product rejection

• Serialisation (hardware and software)

• Audit Trail (21 CFR Part 11)

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