b + b uses labeling | Successful implementation of serialization and aggregation in agrochemicals!

The legal requirements and applicable laws of the global legislators oblige manufacturers and contract service providers in agrochemicals to serialize their products.  

As a contract service provider, the IPT Pergande company in Weißandt-Gölzau was faced with the challenge of successfully implementing the new legal requirements - here the choice fell on b + b as a reliable partner for the implementation of the guidelines. In addition to the one-stop solution, the flexibility and agility that b + b shows were the reason for the decision by IPT Pergande GmbH.

IPT's new production plant for liquid filling of fungicides has been successfully in operation since the end of 2019. Thanks to b + b, IPT can stand out from the crowd thanks to their reliability in the transmission of serial numbers of almost 100%. Only a few contract service providers can achieve such a performance.

Labeling | Serialization | Aggregation - b + b offers you the complete solution from a single source!

The production order for the filling line for fungicides is created via the b + b Sitemanager. The serial numbers of the containers for all aggregation levels are generated here. The production order is assigned to the production line. The weight control of the containers is fully integrated in the b + b site server - an automatic container change is possible.


The GKM-PV labeler with additional cover labeling is used to label the containers. This is fully integrated in the b + b site server. The serial numbers are applied and verified. The variable data is printed and verified directly on the label. The containers are then labeled on both sides. A label inspection on both sides and product transfer ensure that incorrectly labeled containers are removed from the production line.


The containers are aggregated into cardboard boxes. The CLM-PV box labeler is used to apply and verify the track & trace label on the boxes and to label the corner. The boxes are then automatically aggregated on pallets and the SSCC label is printed - also fully integrated in the b + b site server.

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