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Manual seal labelling

The compact table unit was developed to apply a tamper evident label to small  pharmaceutical cartons - before fully automatic lines are adjusted to the product, with this device  the products are already sealed.

The tamper evident label can be attached to all closing flaps as required. The devices are available for 2 different label roll diameters. An ultrasonic fork sensor enables the processing of transparent and non-transparent sealing labels. The corner label roll is clean and accurate.

Another model in our M series is the M-FSM table-top unit for manual feeding of flat folding boxes and subsequent printing by an inkjet system. Depending on the printer configuration, the unit can also be used for serialising small batches in the pharmaceutical or cosmetic industry. The printed data can then be verified by the optional construction of a camera system.

If you are looking for a fully automatic solution - you will find further information here.

Solution for your smaller, offline labelling applications:

• unique table top solution

• reliable and user friendly

• stable

• designed for transparent and non- transparent labels

• easy changeover to other formats

• repeatable application of labels from  product to product

• economical solution



M-TE 80/200 

M-TE 80/300



40 mm - 300 mm 

20 mm - 490 mm 

boxes, medical boxes

Carton sizes

manual seal labelling
manual tamper evident system


manuelle Tamper evident system


Further labelling machines for tamper-evident labelling:


Fully automatic labelling machine for tamper-evident labelling

Are you looking for a fully automatic labelling machine for tamper-evident labelling and seal labelling? The fully automatic labeller TE from b+b can label up to 300 folding boxes per minute.

The labelling system can optionally be equipped with a serialisation module. For this purpose printer and camera system are integrated into the labelling system.

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