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b+b develops fully automatic labelling system for Moonshine - Whiskey jars - O'Donnell

WHISKEY JARS - O'Donnell Moonshine

Almost one hundred years ago, Prohibition (1919-1933) prevailed in the USA: the production and sale of alcohol was prohibited.
An epoch of secrecy began. The farmers called Moonshine their black distilled schnapps, which they filled into preserving jars (Mason Jars) and then sold on to smugglers, the so-called "bootleggers". The preserving jars were a precautionary measure because they quickly made themselves suspicious of being black burners by buying bottles. The illegal trade became the big business of gangsterism: the legendary Al Capone and his gang fought with the O'Donnell brothers for supremacy in the distribution of alcohol. Sharp shots were fired on the streets, and many men were left lying by the wayside.

O'Donnell Moonshine has brought back to life the disreputable drink of yore.  O'Donnell Moonshine is handcrafted in Germany according to the old rules of the distilling art and is produced with natural ingredients. The original preserving jars "Mason Jars" come directly from the USA.

In order to automate the labelling process, O'Donnell Moonshine decided to purchase the b+b FM-2SLU to apply a seal label to the lid of the jar. A U-shaped label or a back and front label round off the perfect look of this unique product.

Labelling of whiskey jars
O'Donnell - Fully automatic labelling of whiskey jars
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