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Has the lawnmower given up on you again? And you don't even think about calling the technician, but rather repair it until it works perfectly again?

With your training as a mechatronics technician at b+b, you will be able to handle a wide variety of technical systems. During your 3 1/2 year apprenticeship, you will learn how to maintain machines, repair them and be involved in the development of technical innovations. You combine two components - mechanics and electronics. The school part of your training takes place at the BSO in Michelstadt.

From the first day of your training as a mechatronics engineer you will be part of our production team. In the course of your training you will take on responsibility and work fully with us.

What are you waitin' for? You have your secondary school leaving certificate in your pocket, then start your apprenticeship as a mechatronics technician now!

Do you like tinkering and repairing small things? Didn't miss a lesson in engineering at school?  And now you want to start your training?

During your training you will learn how to convert materials into workpieces, assemble finished machine components and program basic work instructions into the electronics of your machine to make it work. Then you check your work with various measuring instruments, ruler and scales. During your training you will visit the BSO in Michelstadt.

In a nutshell: After your training as an industrial mechanic (m|w|d) at b+b in Oberzent im Odenwald, you won't be bored on the assembly line - you will be part of a production team for large systems.


Are you interested in business processes? Have you always been an organizational talent and don't think Excel is a space shuttle?

As an industrial clerk, you take on various commercial tasks. You work on creative marketing campaigns, supervise the dispatch of goods, calculate and write offers and much more. During your training you will visit the BSO in Michelstadt.

Boredom is a foreign word in this profession!

Are you currently completing your secondary school and would like to start a varied three-year apprenticeship immediately afterwards? Then you've come to the right place. Start your training as an industrial clerk now at b+b in Oberzent in the Odenwald.


During your training you will learn how to plan and configure IT systems. With us, you will not only be used when internal IT is no longer running, but you will also develop software solutions for entire production plants as part of a team.

You have a very good school-leaving certificate, then your training lasts 3 years. You will spend this time in the company and at school, where you will combine the practice you have learned with theory. Practical projects, block lessons, presentations and technical discussions - boredom certainly does not arise here! What are you waiting for? Start your training in IT now at b+b!


Bachelor of Engineering - Mechanicial Engineering


Are you interested in technical projects? You can already see the way plants and systems work in front of your visual eye and would like to learn how such plants are developed?

During your theoretical phases you will attend lectures on topics such as mathematics, construction and development technology and thermodynamics. The lectures take place at the DHBW in Mosbach. In your practical phases you will be employed in our design and development department. At the beginning of your dual studies, you will complete a 6-week internship in our production department to see what you will design later.

You are currently completing your Abitur and would like to immerse yourself in the world of technology afterwards? Then we are the right dual partner for you in Oberzent in the Odenwald.

Are you interested in business management? And would you like to know how processes work in a company? Then the dual study course Business Administration Industry is just right for you!

In your theory phase at the DHBW Mosbach you will attend various lectures such as materials management, marketing, cost/performance accounting and much more. During your practical phase, you will pass through all of our commercial departments in order to gain a comprehensive overview of all business processes of an international company.

At the end of your dual studies you will have an overview and can then deepen your knowledge in one of our departments. What are you waiting for? Apply now and start your dual career at b+b in Oberzent.

> More information about business administration

Bachelor of Science - Applied Computer Science

For you it becomes really interesting when the normal computer user reaches his limits? But a classical education is out of the question for you, because you would like to study?

Then we have the optimal solution for you. In your theory phases you will attend lectures on topics such as the basics of hardware and software, programming or software engineering. During your practical phase you will be involved in our software development. There you will work on our in-house IT and on various project-related software developments.

Your desired dual course of studies is not included? But could it be interesting for us as a company? Then simply send us an unsolicited application!

What's your story?


05 Reasons for your training and studies at b+b


You will quickly notice that even our management knows your name after a few days. We will try to take your wishes into account in your training and study plan. During your studies, you choose your own specialisation and elective modules. We don't give you any guidelines here - because it's your story!


...for more than 20 years. Training and dual studies are not new territory for us. With us, you will receive your training plan, an introduction to the respective task, feedback discussions and everything else that goes with it. We cover your tuition fees and, if required, your AdA certificate. After your training or your studies with us, you will master your career entry with your left hand.


Your grades and your performance in our departments convince us? You just fit to our team? Then of course we would like you to stay and offer you a job.


You have good grades and left a great impression in our departments during your training or your studies?  We have invested a lot of time and money in you and your education.
Of course we want you to stay! But voluntarily!
That's why we don't believe in nasty repayment clauses in our training and study contracts. We have never had them - and never will.


You complete the school part of your training at the BSO in Michelstadt. Our students visit the DHBW in Mosbach. After your training or your studies you will receive a state-approved degree. And not just any frippery.
Our dual partners are just 20 minutes or 35 minutes away from us. Your advantage is you don't need 2 apartments during your training.

We have aroused your interest? Then send us your application now:
We are looking forward to meet you!

Would you like to know how our application process works? Then have a look at our applicant lounge.

You're still a little undecided? Then have a look at our trainee stories! Here you get an insight into the everyday life of our dual students and trainees.

Trainee stories

You are looking for a turnkey solution to label your products - contact us!

b+b Automations- und Steuerungstechnik GmbH

b+b Automations- und Steuerungstechnik GmbH is your partner for innovative and reliable labelling and identification technology made to measure. In 1986 b+b was founded in Airlenbach in the Odenwald. Today the internationally operating company employs 115 people in the field of labelling technology.


Your requirements and wishes are our focus when implementing your project. From development and planning to complete implementation, our employees will provide you with optimum support.


At b+b you receive the complete solution from one source. From software, printing and dispensing systems to fully automatic labelling and identification systems. For more than 30 years b+b has been supplying complete solutions for labelling, serialisation and aggregation for companies from all industries.


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