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The legal requirements and applicable laws oblige manufacturers in the beverage industry to label their products. Beverage manufacturers cannot bring their products onto the market without product labelling. Products are marked with data such as type of beverage, filling date, expiry date or batch code. The information to be marked varies depending on the product and batch and ensures that the consumer receives the goods in very good condition.

Product tracking is facilitated by labeling . Product recalls can severely damage a company's image and brands. Especially in today's age, information goes viral through social media and digital communication - so quick action is essential.

The International Standards Organization (ISO) defines product traceability as: “The ability to trace the history, application, or location of an item or activity using a recorded identification.” Full traceability provides the end customer and manufacturer with information about the product and its supply chain.

Labeller for beverage kegs

Fully automatic labeller for kegs and kegs

Specific labeling systems from b+b - beverage labeling made easy:

  • more than 35 years of experience in the development of specific solutions for the beverage industry

  • modular complete solutions consisting of: serialization, labeling and aggregation

  • individual and tailor-made solutions tailored to your production conditions and

  • Serialize, label and automate safely with b+b as a partner

Our fully automatic labeling solutions - four examples specifically for labeling in the beverage industry:

Bottle labeler


Labeler model VRM for vials, bottles and cans

Barrel bander


Labeler model TNC-GG for barrels and KEG

Barrel labeller

Labeler model RML for horizontal, cylindrical products

Neck ring applicator

neck ring

Labeler model NRA

for barrels and kegs

Wrap-around labelling in the beverage industry


Applying labels by hand is usually problematic. Labeling inaccuracies and a lot of time are usually the result.

Increasing demands on the beverage industry make product labeling more difficult. Label printing and dispensing systems  enable you to label KEG and beverage kegs precisely, reliably and quickly using different applicators and label transfer modules.


The label can be printed and dispensed in one system.

Various requirements are necessary for maximum efficiency in your production:

  • necessary print speed

  • necessary donation speed

  • labeling accuracy

  • printing options

  • Integration into existing production lines and assembly lines

print options

  • application of variable data

  • Printing process for high production speed

  • Integration of provisions possible

  • powerful labeller

  • modular design

  • compact design

  • Integration into existing production lines

control options
  • Verification of variable data

  • Label presence control

  • ejection station

  • rejection countercheck

track and trace
  • Reliability in the transmission of serial numbers

  • High performance

  • Hardware and software solution

Variable and reliable labelling of KEGs


Labeling with adhesive labels

Self- adhesive labels can be optimally attached to glass bottles,  PET bottles, cans and other cylindrical products. The label is aligned with the product's hem to achieve high labeling accuracy . Even in the case of bottles or cans with a large diameter that are marked with a long label, there must be no spiral misalignment when the label is applied.  


When selecting the labeling system, it is important that it has a high number of cycles - this is essential, especially for high-consumption products, in order not to negatively affect production efficiency. In productions in which different bottle formats are filled, short conversion and set-up times are the be-all and end-all.

Marking systems such as labeling systems that are integrated into an existing production should be at least as flexible as the production itself. For example, when expanding the product range or new legal requirements, modular expandability of the labeling machine is important in order to be able to react quickly and cost-effectively to changes . ​

Product traceability in the beverage industry

Product tracking is also becoming more and more important in the beverage industry. Product recalls can severely damage a company 's image or brand . In particular, due to the increasing speed of communication through social media and the digitization of communication, information is being spread more and more quickly and can lead to major image damage.


With product labeling and product tracking, the paths of the product can be traced more quickly and a product recall can be carried out more quickly. 

Track and Trace in the beverage industry

Track & Trace solution for the beverage industry.

Tagging with variable data

Products are often marked with variable data in the beverage industry. Variable data can be information such as best-before dates or batch numbers. 

The label printer dispensers EDS 420i and 620i meet almost every requirement due to their modular design, a large selection of functions, accessories and applicators.  

Thanks to the modularity of the label printing dispenser, you always choose the best solution in terms of economy.

Label Print Dispenser

Label printing dispenser for KEG kegs

Labeller for the entire production and manufacturing process

Neck ring applicators

Labeling a reusable container with variable data was previously a difficult undertaking , and not only in the food and beverage sector. Beverage kegs , for example, have to be marked with variable data such as e.g. B. Type of beverage, filling date, expiry date, batch code or a promotion code. Thanks to innovative neck ring applicator systems, it is now possible to mark your products or brands with high-quality printing and additional variable data.


When it comes to the actual label design and artwork, there are often no limits to the imagination. This can either relate to highlighting your brand or your product.


Variable data can be printed directly in the system before the neck ring is attached to the keg fitting. Metal as well as plastic and wooden barrels can be processed.

Neck ring applicator

Neck ring applicator

Neck ring applicator


Integration of servo travel axis and an inkjet printing system between application and
for individual printing before the application process.

Banding for KEG and beverage barrels 

In order to label the KEG kegs with information, such as the brewery name or the type of beer, beverage kegs are banded .  When banding, it is important that high production numbers are possible.


The assembly should be as user -friendly as possible and the conversion to other formats should be implemented quickly. 

KEG labeller

Fully automatic banding machine

Banding KEG

Banding for kegs and KEGs


In the warehouse logistics of beverage manufacturers, there are specific and legal requirements for labeling the load carrier . For example, pallets must be clearly marked so that downstream processes in the supply chain, such as shipping or distribution, can be designed efficiently.


The pallets ready for dispatch must be marked in accordance with GS1 . The pallets can be marked on one, two or three sides with GS1-compliant transport labels.


For quality assurance , various containers must also be provided with a corner label (tamper-evident). 

Pallet labeller

Pallet labeling from b+b at Fachpack


Labelling pallets

1-sided pallet labeling


Labelling pallets

2-sided pallet labeling


Labelling pallets

3-sided pallet labeling

With the pallet labeller from b+b, all legal and specific requirements can be easily met.

Neck ring applicators


b+b offers various labellers and labeling solutions that have been specially developed for labeling in the beverage industry. From bottles to barrels to pallets - at b+b you will find the right solution for every application.

product types


As a manufacturer of beverage labeling machines, b+b has already implemented many projects for well-known manufacturers and contract bottlers

  • more than 30 years of experience in special machine construction for the beverage industry

  • Specialized and industry specific labeling solutions

  • Efficient labeling machines that match the requirements of beverage labeling

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