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Labeling project process | serialization project

The steps to your labeling and serialization solution

Discussion of your requirements, production conditions and labeling guidelines

You describe to us your requirements and wishes for your labeling system. When preparing an offer, your production conditions and production environment also play an important role. If you have any questions or open issues regarding the implementation of EU directives or global labeling requirements, our experts and specialists are at your side. In the best case, we have product samples and label samples as well as a labeled product from you before the offer is made. If you have a specification sheet, we will check it accordingly and take the requirements into account when preparing the offer.

Even before the offer is made, you will receive a technical questionnaire from our sales representative. This was developed by our committee - consisting of our technical and commercial experts - in order to clarify essential questions in advance and to be able to make you an offer that is as concrete as possible. If you have any questions about our technical questionnaire, our experts will be happy to help.

Do you still have open points internally with regard to your requirements? We would be happy to provide you with a budget offer or an indicative offer.


offer and order

Once all requirements, production conditions and guidelines have been clarified, we will develop a solution concept for you and provide you with a detailed offer. If you have any questions or want to change the offer, our sales team is always at your disposal. Our offers are structured in such a way that you get the most concrete picture possible of your labeling solution. Your order can be placed on this basis.


project management

Depending on the size of the project, requirements and agreement, we will provide you with a project manager. After your order, he will clarify with you the timing of the corresponding milestones such as sending your product samples, approval of the design drawing, FAT and commissioning. Time monitoring is carried out by the project manager. This is available to you throughout all project phases for queries and to clarify open points. 


construction and release

Your labeling machine is designed in consultation with you. You will then receive a release drawing from us. After receiving your approval, our design team will start with the detailed design of your labeling machine. The detailed planning concludes with the creation of the parts list and the procurement of materials.


Assembly and internal acceptance

With our supply chain management, we ensure that the required materials are in-house on time. Then the mechanical and electrical assembly of the labeling system can take place. The internal acceptance serves as a preliminary test. During internal acceptance, test runs of the system are carried out with your label and product combinations. After the internal acceptance, we will arrange an appointment with you for the FAT.

FAT and commissioning at the customer

The FAT takes place in our house. Here, together with you, we carry out test runs and performance tests of the system on the basis of the qualification documents. The system is then delivered and the labeling machine is commissioned and integrated into your production line or packaging line.


Any questions? Or would you like to send us an inquiry?

Then please contact us. Our contacts are at your disposal.

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