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Simple logistics are no longer sufficient for many companies. If a company produces several products and sells them through different sales channels - via an online shop, wholesale, retail or direct sales - the challenges for the company's logistics increase.  

A smooth supply chain is characterized by punctual delivery and maximum reliability. Labeling can be used to ensure that the correct recipient is reached. Correct internal deliveries can also be guaranteed with the help of labels.

The challenges in logistics labeling are increasing:

  • Implementation of and compliance with GS1 standards (e.g. design and positioning of the label)

  • Marking of each shipping unit with a unique identification number

  • Labeling with information such as product name, article number, production time and batch

b+b offers various semi and fully automatic labellers and printing and dispensing systems for the implementation of labeling requirements in the logistics and packaging industry.

Carton labeller

Fully automatic carton labeller - printing and dispensing system

Specific labeling systems from b+b - logistics labeling made easy:

  • more than 35 years of experience in the development of specific solutions for logistics and packaging technology

  • modular complete solutions consisting of: serialization, labeling and aggregation

  • individual and tailor-made solutions tailored to your production conditions and

  • easy implementation of the GS1 guidelines with b+b labeling systems

  • Serialize, label and automate safely with b+b as a partner


The aim of the packaging and logistics labeling is a smooth process. With the right labeling, logistics processes can be designed efficiently.

print options

  • Application of variable data such as consecutive numbers

  • Printing process for high production speed

  • Integration of provisions possible

  • powerful labeller

  • modular design

  • compact design

  • Integration into existing production lines

control options
  • Verification of variable data

  • Label presence control

  • ejection station

  • rejection countercheck

Serialization & Aggregation
  • automated logistics processes

  • complete traceability

  • High performance

  • Hardware and software solution


Labels are suitable for marking products, goods, boxes and pallets. The label serves as an information carrier, which is applied to the product or the packaging unit. In order to keep track, pallets or consignments should be marked immediately. This is the basis for a smooth flow of the supply chain. Punctual delivery and correct delivery of the goods are the most important success factors in the process chain. Self-adhesive address labels, shipping labels, pallet labels play an important role in this.  

The label material and the label adhesive differ depending on your application. For labeling with logistics labels, you can choose between pre-printed labels or blank labels, which can then be individually designed with your information.  

b+b offers logistics companies the complete solution from a single source: from consumables such as labels, whether pre-printed or blank, as well as the label software for designing your labels.

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GS1 compliant labeling

GS1 compliant label content

The GS1 barcode is considered the most important logistics standard. In addition to the GTIN, this can contain other important data such as the batch number or the best-before date.

The core element of the GS1 transport label is the SSCC/NVE. This enables traceability along the entire logistics chain. The only MUST information on the is the SSCC. This is shown in the bottom barcode on the label in GS1-128 format.

Transport labels consist of three components:  

  • Upper building block
    freely formatted information such as sender or recipient

  • Middle building block
    Plain text of the information encoded in the barcode with short titles

  • Lower building block 
    Key information encoded in the barcode including plain text line

GS1 Transport label

Label software - Labelsplatform 5

Label design and automation software is suitable for implementing the requirements. b+b offers the most economical and flexible solution here. The label software Labels Platform 5  from b+b can be used for every imaginable printing, labeling, automation or visualization task. It enables you to design labels flexibly. It is the control center of your labeling solution.

LP5 modules and functions

Remote label software

make the use of PC workstations in production unnecessary

Label software AutomationCenter

Keep an eye on your data and connect it to other systems 

Label software editor

LabelsPlatform 5 forms the heart of the LP5 automation solution with the integrated label editor

Label software database manager

automate label printing and the entire workflow around the process

Label software guideline module

enable compliance with local and/or industry-specific guidelines and laws

Label software Touch

label editor optimized for touch devices to create and modify layouts

GS1 compliant label positioning

GS1 compliant pallet labeling

In logistics, there are specific and legal requirements for labeling the load carrier. For example, pallets must be clearly marked so that downstream processes in the supply chain, such as shipping or distribution, can be designed efficiently.  


The pallets ready for dispatch must be labeled in accordance with GS1 . The pallets can be marked on one, two or three sides with GS1-compliant transport labels.


For quality assurance , various containers must also be provided with a corner label (tamper evident). 

Pallet labeller

Pallet labeling from b+b 


Pallet labeller

1-sided pallet labeling


Pallet labeller

2-sided pallet labeling


Pallet labeller

3-sided pallet labeling

With the pallet labeller from b+b, all legal and specific requirements can be implemented quickly and efficiently.

GS1 Compliant Carton Labeling

There are various options for labeling boxes - regardless of whether the box or the packaging unit is from the side,  is to be labeled at the top, front, rear, around corners, in throughput, in the high-speed area or at a standstill. Different carton formats and changing carton heights are no problem for the labellers from b+b.

Carton labeller

CLM - Fully automatic printing and dispensing system

Carton labeller

CLM - fully automatic printing and dispensing system - side labelling

Seal labeller for boxes

Closing cartons by hand is usually very time-consuming and interrupts the packaging process.  It makes sense to automate the closing process from as little as 40 boxes a day - this can reduce the required working time by up to 70% .

b+b offers you a solution for closing and labeling boxes - box sealer and box labeller in one.  The operator opens the flat carton and places it in the machine. The lower flaps are automatically folded in and closed by the system. The upper flaps are closed by the operator and then transported via the transport rollers to the sealer - here it is closed with self-adhesive material. Depending on the requirements, the system can be equipped with a side or corner labeller.  

Optionally, the system can also serve as an aggregation unit using appropriate scanners and cameras. We would be happy to advise you.  

Carton sealer

Aggregation of the products - Closing the boxes - Labeling the box - Front view

Carton sealer

Aggregation of the products - Closing the boxes - Labeling the box - Rear view


Traceability in the supply chain

Logistics 4.0 - transparency in logistics processes is becoming more and more important due to the increasing number of counterfeit products in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, medical technology and fashion industries. Track & Trace is the prerequisite for the internal and chain-wide traceability of the product path. 

Track and Trace - CRISTAL


In order to make logistics processes efficient, reliable and precise labeling is particularly important. Whether wrap-around labelling, exit labelling, seal labeling or the labeling of pallets - b+b offers the right semi- or fully automatic labeling machine for every application.

product types


As a manufacturer of logistics labeling machines, b+b has already implemented many projects for well-known logistics companies

  • more than 30 years of experience in special machine construction for the logistics and packaging industry

  • Specialized and industry specific labeling solutions

  • Efficient labeling machines that match the requirements of logistic labeling

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