Consumers demand Nutri-Score for extended nutritional labelling | 20.08.20

From November 2020 at the latest, consumers should be able to tell at a glance from the food packaging if the food is a healthy alternative to others. Labelling with the Nutri-Score is and stays voluntary, but nevertheless companies are expected to implement it across the market.

The Nutri Score is a five-point scale from A to E, which indicates the overall nutritional value of a product. It is the most helpful and easiest for consumers to understand. Nutri-Score enables consumers to compare foods in the same category more easily. France and Belgium have already introduced Nutri Score on the front of food packaging - many more countries are considering introducing it.

What does the Nutri-Score say?

The Nutri Score provides the consumer with a real additional benefit and supports him in making healthy food choices.
The Nutri Score is a five-level scale from A to E, which indicates the nutritional value of a product. The colouring (green to red) of the levels helps with orientation. To classify a product, the number of calories as well as nutritionally favourable and unfavourable nutrients are offset against each other.

The Nutri Score thus provides the consumer with an orientation for the daily food choice. It enables the consumer to compare the nutritional value of foods in a product group or the same category easily and at a glance. The Nutri-Score does not say anything about whether a food is healthy or unhealthy. In general, only food that is not harmful to health is allowed to be placed on the market.

Will the Nutri-Score be introduced as mandatory labelling?

In Germany, as well as throughout the EU, mandatory nutritional labelling for pre-packaged food has been in place since 2016. A further development of nutritional labelling and a procedure for this is provided for in the coalition agreement. The aim of the Federal Ministers of Food is to introduce a nutritional labelling
system that helps consumers make healthy food choices at a glance. The legislative process for extended nutrition labelling is to be completed by autumn 2020 at the latest. Based on the requirements of European law, the labelling will be voluntary. However, consumers demand labelling with the Nutri Score. Many companies
have already expressed their support for this. Anyone who aims for customer-oriented product and packaging design and wants to keep up with the competition will not be able to avoid labelling with Nutri Score.

Why is extended nutrition labelling required?

If consumers can easily recognise the procurement of a foodstuff in terms of nutrients, orientation and healthy choices are made easier. An understandable and clearly visible presentation on the front of the food packaging can have a positive effect on product selection and nutrition. The Nutri Score is understandable
for consumers at a glance.

Which nutrition labelling models are used in other countries?

Worldwide different nutritional labelling models exist with different objectives and target groups. In addition to the introduction of the Nutri Score, there are three other labelling models under discussion in Germany, although these scored worse in the consumer survey than the Nutri-Score. The following models
were tested: Nutri-Score, BLL model with pie charts, MRI model with honeycombs and keyhole. Each model has different advantages and disadvantages.

An extract of the labelling models of other countries:


United Kingdom


New Zealand


Nutrition Labelling Model

British food traffic light


Health Star Rating


How can companies implement labelling with the nutri scores?

The Nutri Score should be placed in a clearly visible position on the front of the food packaging (Front-of-
Pack). For this reason it is suitable to apply Nutri Score to the product with the front label. b+b Automations-
und Steuerungstechnik GmbH offers you different solutions and possibilities for the implementation of
extended nutritional labelling with Nutri Score:

> Preprinted labels

>​ Use of label printers

> Label design and automation software

> Semi-automatic labelling machines

> Fully automatic labelling machines

> Label print and apply systems

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