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The company b+b Automations- und Steuerungstechnik GmbH acquired the company shares of BBK Etikettier- und Sondermaschinenbau GmbH in April 2017. Mrs. Kathi Beck and Mr. Alexander Beck manage the company as managing partners. As further managing director Lothar Beck is
is inserted. Thus the company remains an innovative, owner-managed, medium-sized enterprise.

BBK will remain as a term for labelling and special equipment and will be used as a further brand name alongside b+b trace. The new company name, familiar to some of you, stands for continuity, quality and know-how. This association guarantees a closely meshed infrastructure with clearly defined responsibilities.




Founding of BBK Etikettier- und Sondermaschinenbau GmbH

What began in 1986 as a threesome in the parental dance hall of Lothar and Emil Beck quickly developed into an international success story.


Foundation of BBK UK in England

BBK UK is founded in England in 2006.


Foundation of b+b Automations- und Steuerungstechnik GmbH

The b+b GmbH is founded in 2006 by Alexander Beck and Kathi Beck in Airlenbach.


Expansion of international sales partners

In 2011 the first own employee will be hired for the former Yugoslavia. In the following years the international sales will be further expanded.


b+b GmbH takes over the companies BBK and BBK UK

b+b GmbH becomes a 100% shareholder of BBK GmbH and BBK UK. The group of companies thus remains in the hands of the Beck Family.


b+b Automations- und Steuerungstechnik, headquartered in Oberzent, employs 113 people today.


Quality management - 100% made in Germany

We develop and produce turnkey solutions - consisting of hardware and software components - in the areas of labelling, identification, serialisation, aggregation and automation.. We achieve a high vertical range of manufacture through our own production and software development. This enables us to offer our customers a high degree of flexibility and the shortest possible reaction time. From the development of the solution to the commissioning at the customer's site, the entire process is subject to internal quality controls. 

Quality and satisfaction have top priority for us

  • Identification and optimization of processes

  • Responsibility towards our stakeholders and the environment

  • Occupational safety and related measures

  • Internal audits and quality control

  • Education, further education and training of employees

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The exchange with our stakeholders is the focus of our CSR. Our stakeholders include our employees, customers, business partners, neighbours and representatives. We pursue a holistic ESG approach to sustainability. As a medium-sized company in the Odenwald region, regional sourcing is important to us in order to support the surrounding companies and reduce CO² emissions through short transport distances. Every year we offer apprenticeships and dual study places for students in our region.


Sustainable customer solutions

Solutions and systems from b+b are always optimized against the background of sustainability to more than meet the requirements of our customers. Our systems and plants are characterized by high quality and longevity. From production to commissioning we follow a holistic approach.


Sustainable environmental project

Since 2017, we have been actively working with our cooperation partner Beefuture for a sustainable future. By adopting eight beehives, we support the increase of the bee population. Bees are the portable pillar of our ecosystem: "Once the bee disappears from the earth, humans have only four years to live. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man." (Albert Einstein)


You are looking for a turnkey solution to label your products - contact us!

b+b Automations- und Steuerungstechnik GmbH

b+b Automations- und Steuerungstechnik GmbH is your partner for innovative and reliable labelling and identification technology made to measure. In 1986 b+b was founded in Airlenbach in the Odenwald. Today the internationally operating company employs 115 people in the field of labelling technology.


Your requirements and wishes are our focus when implementing your project. From development and planning to complete implementation, our employees will provide you with optimum support.


At b+b you receive the complete solution from one source. From software, printing and dispensing systems to fully automatic labelling and identification systems. For more than 30 years b+b has been supplying complete solutions for labelling, serialisation and aggregation for companies from all industries.

email: info@bb-automation.com

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supprt hotline: +49 (0) 6068 9310 900

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