Applicators and accessories

Applicators and accessories for Videojet 9550

In terms of throughput and printing speed of up to 500 mm / sec in the label printing and dispensing area, you can hardly ignore the Videojet 9550. However, the applicators available on the market are often not sufficient to use the Videojet VJ9550 in all applications in the printing range of 4 "(100 mm).

For this reason, we have developed various applicator models to expand the range of applications for the VJ9550. All applicators are available as LH and RH versions. In addition to the required hardware, each applicator kit also includes the applicator board (I / O module) developed by us especially for the VJ9550.

If your application cannot be covered by our available kits, please contact us! We'll find the right solution.


Perfect in the run!

Features and scope of delivery:

As an option to the extended dispensing tongue, which can be ideally adjusted to the angle of the film path of the packaging machine, a mobile floor assembly module is also available, which enables the unit to be moved transversely to the direction of travel of the film for changing materials or for placing the labels. Quick-release fasteners at the required positions and measuring scales make it easier to switch to different labeling positions. The register roll, which is also provided with a measuring tape, is used for the exact positioning of the labels on the dispensing tongue and can be adjusted in a matter of seconds.

VFFS kit

The figure on the left shows the VJ9550 including the VFFS-KIt and floor mounting module - fully equipped for installation in a vertical tubular bag system.

Videojet integrations

Quickly and accurately around the corner
FCW / RCW VJ9550

Facts and figures:

This corner applicator was developed to provide a corner label in the cardboard box so that the shipping case label can be read from both sides.  

Since the module was developed in close cooperation with Videojet, both components are precisely matched to one another. This means that the corner wrap label can be completely applied within 2 seconds. The labeling can be done either on the front / top or on the top / back. Both the RH and LH variants are available from us in stock. The device is designed for a label size of 100 x 300 mm.

Videojet integrations

The built-in sponge rubber roller between the vacuum plates guarantees a clean fixation in the corner area.

Logistics Labelling
Corner labelling

Corner labeling


Corner labeling

in front

Detached from the carrier material - with a vacuum belt

Labelling detached from the carrier material

Features and options:

The VCB enables the labels to be applied separately from the carrier material in order to compensate for either uneven product surfaces or different transport speeds of the product. Even if the product stops during the labeling process and is transported on again, the label application works flawlessly, since after the first contact between the label and the product, the peeling speed of the label is determined.

The module is equipped with a stepper motor, a label stop sensor on the dispensing edge, a sponge rubber roller or brush to roll or brush the label again after the actual application, as well as its own microprocessor control to process different recipes and formats on the system without changeover times.  

The vacuum tape is available in different lengths (depending on the maximum label length).

Mounting position:

horizontal Vertical

Labelling without liner

The ultra-fast linear applicator SSA VJ9550

Linear applicator




80 mm stroke and format vacuum plate


200 mm stroke and mold vacuum plate


300 mm stroke and format vacuum plate


400 mm stroke and format vacuum plate


500 mm stroke and format vacuum plate


600 mm stroke and format vacuum plate

Linear applicator

Equipment options:

Ultrasonic sensor for product scanning, barcode scanner for label presence control,

Blow-on module (airbox)

Mounting position:

horizontal Vertical