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Integrations of CAB Hermes + and Hermes Q

Clever and well thought-out technology characterizes the devices from the manufacturer CAB. But especially with regard to integration, compliance with industry standards and consideration of plant safety  and the integration of the devices in a line requires more than just provision or attachment to existing transport systems. According to the Machinery Directive, the operator of the system is responsible for the safety of the system and therefore relies on the manufacturer's documentation. However, he cannot simply confirm conformity with the necessary machine guidelines, as he is usually not informed about the ultimate purpose of the system.


As a certified CAB contract and service partner, we also offer our know-how to other CAB partners and integrate their provision into the customer and product-specific solutions we have developed. As an integrator, we consider the entire system safety and, with delivery of the system, in addition to the documentation, we also provide the CE declaration of conformity required for operating the system in accordance with the currently applicable Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC  available, which further confirms compliance with the standards DIN EN ISO 12100: 2010 and DIN EN 60204-1 (VDE 0113-1): 2007-06.

Here you will find an excerpt from systems that have already been installed - if you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us!



Project description:

fully automatic labeling of cylindrical products on the circumference and on the lid (lid label aligned with the side label)

Printer type:   CAB Hermes + 4L / 300-3 with Ribbonsave

Number:        2

Applicators: 1 x tamp on (top)

              1 x vacuum belt (on the side)

Products:      Bottles | Cans | Glasses

Wrap-around labelling of jars

VRM-DS-2PA - Application video with wraparound and lid labeler (print modules with thermal transfer ribbon saving function)

HSF eco

Labelling of flat products

Project description:

Fully automatic labeling of flat postcards from magazine to magazine in the friction feeder

Printer type:   CAB Hermes + 4L / 300-2

Number:        1

Applicators: 1 x wipe on


Products:      Postcards | Folding boxes | Bags 

HSFeco - application video for labeling flat products in the feeder

Labelling without liner
Labelling with vacuum belt

Detached from the carrier material - with a vacuum belt

Features and options:

The VCB enables the labels to be applied separately from the carrier material in order to compensate for either uneven product surfaces or different transport speeds of the product. Even if the product stops during the labeling process and is transported on again, the label application works flawlessly, since after the first contact between the label and the product, the peeling speed of the label is determined.

The module is equipped with a stepper motor, a label stop sensor on the dispensing edge, a sponge rubber roller or brush to roll or brush the label again after the actual application, as well as its own microprocessor control to process different recipes and formats on the system without changeover times.  

The vacuum tape is available in different lengths (depending on the maximum label length).

Mounting position:

horizontal Vertical