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label inspection system

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Fully automatic label inspection system

Check labels with variable data

Billions of variable data labels are used every day. Variable data labels enable product tracking and tracing, streamline workflows, ensure brand protection and provide critical consumer information. Thus, labels offer a high level of functionality.

It is important that the label is legible and correctly applied, regardless of the purpose for which the label is used. Label inspection systems can ensure these requirements.

The system detects missing pressure points, verifies variable data such as serial numbers, dust inclusions, etc.


Label inspection system for different applications:

  • Label inspection systems are used to check print quality, control the production process and verify labels with variable data

  • Bar codes and unique identifiers can also be read at high speeds

  • Detailed print quality verification to identify print quality errors associated with ingredients, dosing and application information

  • Challenging, highly reflective surfaces such as holograms and foils as well as ultraviolet and infrared printed codes can also be inspected with ease

  • To ensure that the correct label material has been used, a verification of the label material can be carried out

  • It ensures that all elements within a print file are processed with no missing or duplicate parts.

  • Barcode ANSI/ISO grading and reporting to ensure linear barcodes, 2D/QR codes and GS-1 codes meet international standards.

  • Integration with "Track & Trace" applications for pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals for complete traceability

  • Integration with supplies, such as e.g. B. In-line inkjet printers, feeding devices, attaching devices, packaging and labeling devices for real-time tracking

  • Audit trail reports for all processed labels

Label inspection system

Overview image of the label inspection system

Detailed view of the label inspection system

Label inspection system

Close-up - label inspection system

Label inspection system

Close-up - label inspection system

video example

Video - Label Inspection System

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