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label dispenser 

Label dispenser for quick and safe identification

Basic concept of the label dispenser

Rapid SM | Rapid SML

With the label dispenser SM and SML, pre-printed labels can be applied quickly and precisely to products and packaging. Thanks to their compact design, the SM and SML label dispensers are particularly space-saving. They can be integrated into almost any production line and system.


Due to the use of robust components, the dispensers are ideally suited for use in industrial operations and can also be used in multi-shift operations without any problems.
A powerful stepper motor offers very high labeling accuracy.

  • Label Compensation

  • optionally with powered label dispenser
    (auto synch mode)

  • optionally with powered carrier material rewinder (auto-synch mode)

Label dispenser

label dispenser | Rapid SML

Label dispenser

label dispenser | Rapid SM

Rapid SM

Specifications | Rapid SM and Rapid SML

The label dispenser Rapid SM can optionally be equipped with a speed synchronization. With the label dispenser Rapid SML we offer an optional speed tracking.

label scanning

Ultrasound | Optical | mechanical scanning



label widths

120mm | 160mm | 200mm | 250mm | 300mm | 400mm

core diameter

40mm | 76 mm optionally also larger Ø

outer diameter

300mm | 400mm





Extension of the RSL model series – for almost every application

Due to different extensions, the label dispensers are suitable for almost every application:


tamp blow

Label applicator with label attachment using compressed air (airbox) and additional applicator stroke

Tampon on P

Label applicator with pneumatic stroke

label warning

Sensor for querying a lack of material with an external signal

signal light

3-Stage Indicator Light with Standard Bracket (Red/Blue/Yellow/Green)

Tampon E

Label applicator with electronic linear motor


Pneumatic dispensing tongue for stepless height adjustment of up to 50 mm


Movable dispensing tongue to free the label from the backing material


Integration of camera system/sensor on label dispenser

label reject

Label ejection in the running process
(dispensation or label remains on carrier material)

By integrating TTO or TIJ printers, the label dispensers can also be used to apply variable data and individual imprints such as batch numbers, best-before dates, consecutive numbers and much more.

print engines and lasers


Integration of TTO printer on label dispenser (e.g. Videojet Dataflex series)


Integration TIJ printer on label dispenser (e.g. Videojet m610 series)

More label dispensers


label dispenser

Rapid Mini


label dispenser


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