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Suspension spring labeller

Fully automatic labeling machine for labeling chassis springs

The labeling system of the RSA model series was developed to label suspension springs with the corresponding load weight class based on an individual load measurement result. The system receives the measurement results from the upstream system. The system is available as a single or double cycle variant (depending on the required throughput).

The variable data is printed with the respective data by a label printing dispenser (in the case of the double-cycle version, 2 label printing dispensers) before they are applied. The currently printed label is always applied. The labels can be printed in one or more colors.


Simple linear axes, single or twin robot systems are used as handling systems. Since the labels are normally wider than the distance between the threads, the label is pre-formed into a U before it is applied in order to reach the labeling position, before it is placed around the thread and finally fixed as a flag label. At the outlet of the plant, the data is recorded by an inspection system and compared with the original measurement results.

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RSA model


suspension springs

10 products/min


suspension springs


10 products/min


suspension springs


20 products/min

functional description

The labels are in the system with various data such. B. customer information, barcodes and line information printed. The data for this is made available via the main control of the production line. The printed barcode is then checked for readability and forwarded to the main controller.

Fully automatic labelling of chassis springs

product samples

A wide variety of chassis springs can be labeled with the RSA labeling machine.


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