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Manual workstations | packing tables

Manual workstations (practical packing tables)

Perfectly suited for your flexible production - modular in construction

Wherever small series, special assemblies, rework processes, repack orders or other special campaigns are required, it usually makes no sense to convert entire production systems. Manual workstations (often also called "packing table") are used here, for example in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.  

Depending on the desired configuration, the workstations can be firmly integrated into the production line and activated as required, or operated as a separate station. As early as the project planning phase, we pay attention to maximum ergonomics and maximum working comfort.

Depending on the application, the workstations are designed for the operator to sit or stand. Various concepts for material replenishment are available. The systems can be stacked as required.

Available modules:

  • Infeed conveyor belts and systems

  • discharge conveyor belts

  • replenishment conveyor belts

  • manually fillable swap bodies (integrated or on separate  racks)

  • manual or automatic height track units

  • manual or automatic width adjustment

  • Hand scanners / POS scanners / camera systems / camera sensors

  • manual seal labeling station(s) - separately or integrated in the base frame

  • Label printing systems for outer carton and/or pallet labels

  • Hygienic partitions between operators

  • AuditTrail function

  • OPC UA / OPC DA 2.0 for OEE connection

  • validation documents


Example configurations:


Pack vials / ampoules in blisters with up to 4 operators

Vials / ampoules are taken over by the upstream labeller (lower conveyor belt). Blisters are kept in refill boxes by the operating staff.

The finished products are placed on the upper conveyor belt and then fed to the cartoner via a chute and the curved belt.

Transport through standard production is possible without any problems.

Manual packing table


Packing vials in blisters and packing them into a folding box manually with the instruction leaflet (4 operators).

All materials are kept in refill boxes by the operating staff.

The ready-made products are based on the  conveyor belt and then fed to the serialization unit and the automatic seal labeller.

Manual packing table


Manual packing table

Aggregation of serialized drug boxes (1 operator)

The folding boxes are taken over at the outfeed of the seal labeller and made available to the operating personnel according to the aggregation scheme.

The recording is carried out using an integrated cash register scanner with 1D/2D imager. The carton label is then printed out.

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