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Pallet labeller

Fully automatic labeling machine for labeling pallets

The PAE pallet labeler is an innovative printing and dispensing system that can label up to three sides of a pallet with pneumatic and electric traversing axes. Robot systems are also used for tricky pallet applications. The labels are printed with individual data in real time immediately before the dispensing process. For this we use thermal/thermal transfer printing modules from various manufacturers.

Complete traceability of products is indispensable today, which is why there is a great deal of interest in intelligent pallet labeling processes. The b+b pallet labeller processes label sizes up to DIN A5 format and thus enables product labeling according to the global GS1 standards.

Are you looking for the right, cross-line automation software or for the right partner to integrate your pallet labeling into your ERP solution?  Under  find a flexible and modular solution.


Model series PAE


Labeling of one pallet side


labeling of 2 pallet sides at a standstill


Labeling of 3 pallet sides at a standstill

equipment options

  • Two-color thermal transfer printing system

  • automatic height adjustment via spindle drive

  • Connection to ERP system

Logistics label with warnings


The PAE pallet labeller has a modular structure. Ease of maintenance and service determine the design of the system. All components are
clearly arranged and easily accessible. Depending on requirements, the housing can be made of robust aluminum or stainless steel, and the PAE can therefore also be used in harsh environmental conditions. The system can be supplied either in a left-hand or right-hand design. This ensures easy integration into existing production lines.

Logistics label with warning

functional sequence

Labeling on the front and long sides

The pallet is stopped in the programmed position in front of the PAE so that labeling can take place at a standstill. The first label is printed and fixed to the long side of the pallet with a transfer stamp. The applicator axis then moves in order to be able to label the front face with another label.

Optional rear face labeling

If it is also necessary to label the rear end, the pallet is advanced by one pallet length. 

label transfer

When the label is transferred, the label is pressed lightly. The spring-loaded transfer stamp compensates for any alignment errors between the stamp plate and the pallet surface.

Pallet labelling system
Pallet labelling system

Video example


Customized pallet labeling solutions

Depending on the on-site situation (existing space, height of the conveyor technology, etc.) and the requirements of our customers for the labeling of their products as well as the origin of the data, we develop a large number of customer-specific solutions in addition to our standard solutions. Here is a small excerpt.


An optionally available scanner checks the label immediately after printing and checks the barcodes contained in the text for readability according to the DIN ISO/IEC standard. A new label is automatically created in the event of incorrect readings.

PAE-2SP in throughput - all traversing axes are pneumatic. The pallets or chipboard stacks are given a DIN A5 SSCC label on the side as they pass through. A second SSCC label is then applied to the rear side of the pallet in a continuous process. After the application process, both labels are applied using a barcode reader installed on the transfer station. In this application, Zebra OEM print modules (ZE500-6 - 300 dpi) were used - application example

PAE-2SE at a standstill - Except for the label rotating device, all axes are driven by wear-free servo drives. The system will be used together with 2 other PAE-2SE by expanding our  LabelsPlatform5 , which the Labelcenter pallet supplies with print data. Hermes+ devices from CAB were used as the printing module.

Pallet labelling system

If the label needs to be attached to the pallet foot, we use robust and industrial staplers with roll magazines. Depending on the application, the stapling unit can be installed directly in the label transfer station.

Pallet labelling system

product samples

Different pallets can be labeled with the PAE labeling machine.


Adhesive labels give your products the desired market presence and are used to implement various labeling requirements. Would you like a solution from a single source? We offer you the complete solution for the fully automatic labeling of your products. 


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