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Four-side labeller for square bottles

Fully automatic labeller for four-sided labelling of bottles

With the VRM-DS model, b+b Automations- und Steuerungstechnik GmbH presents a labeller that can apply a label to four sides of square bottles in a single labelling process.

For labelling square bottles, Eugster Eier AG opted for the fully automatic VRM-DS labeller. Eugster Eier AG relies on the highest quality in its production of egg products. Not only hotels and restaurants are increasingly turning to Swiss eggs, but quality-conscious companies in the food processing industry are also using only Swiss eggs. The egg products are filled into square one-litre bottles at the production facility and afterwards labelled with the b+b labeller.

VRM-DS fully automatic labeller for four-sided labelling of square bottles

VRM-DS series labelling machine

The labeller includes a 3-roll rotary station and is designed to apply a single label to all four sides of the square bottle in a pass. The system is used at an output of up to 60 products per minute. The bottles are fed to the labelling station via a conveyor belt. Before the label is applied to the bottle, the bottles are separated. The length of the conveyor belt can be selected from various standard lengths, depending on the requirements.

3-roll rotary station for four-sided labelling

The fully automatic labeller is characterised by the highest labelling accuracy and can optionally align the containers on the basis of a weld seam, print mark or other feature before labelling (target labelling). With the in-house label dispenser RAPID, maximum labelling accuracy in the range of +-0.2 mm to +- 0.5 mm is guaranteed. Thanks to a tool-free format changeover, the labeller can be quickly and easily adjusted to new product formats in just a few steps. The food-safe construction of the labeller and the compact design allow it to be used in almost any production environment.

Important for wrap-around labelling of square products:

  • High speeds for high-consumption products in the food industry: Our high-performance labelling systems can also be used without any problems in production lines for high-consumption or small-format products.

  • Precise labelling and dispensing accuracy: Even in the case of square products with a large diameter that are provided with a long label, no spiral misalignment must occur during the labelling process.

  • Modular expandability: Our labelling systems are modularly expandable and can also be retrofitted with the various options, such as a serialisation or coding unit. In this way, variable data such as batch numbers or best-before dates can be printed on the label.

The labeller can be expanded as desired to include label printing systems such as thermal transfer printing systems, thermal inkjet devices (TIJ), continuous inkjet systems (CIJ) or hot stamping devices. Optional vision systems guarantee quality criteria such as presence, correctness of print data, label placement on your products and eliminate complaints right from the start.


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