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Innovative solutions for more efficiency in laboratory operations

New assembly and labeling system revolutionizes the handling of Petri dishes

In the midst of the challenges of medical, chemical and pharmaceutical research, the Lab PlateMaster Pro from b+b Automations- und Steuerungstechnik GmbH presents itself as groundbreaking progress. This innovative system automates the handling of Petri dishes, significantly increasing speed, precision and quality and revolutionizing the entire process.

Lab PlateMaster Pro features:

  • Automatic sample labeling

  • Barcode information verification

  • Integrated sorting logic

  • High-resolution printing at 600 dpi

  • Support for various labels and codes (1D/2D barcodes, QR codes, Datamatrix codes)

  • Flexible labeling for specialized applications (e.g., temperature or sterilization indicators)

  • Option for external or internal label placement with a mechanical lid lifting system

The Significance of Automation in Laboratory Operations

The last few months have made clear the importance of medical laboratories, especially in dealing with the corona pandemic. Laboratories were often pushed to their limits and beyond. In this context, systematic automation in the handling of Petri dishes is a decisive factor for the efficiency of procedures in medical, chemical and pharmacological research.

Efficiency Enhancement through Lab PlateMaster Pro

The Lab PlateMaster Pro offers a reliable solution to increase the speed in the process of providing and labeling Petri dishes and to ensure maximum precision and quality with high flexibility. With its robust construction, the mobile aluminum base frame and an intuitive user interface via a 15.6-inch touch display, the system sets standards in reliability, longevity and user-friendliness.

Advantages and Adaptability of Lab PlateMaster Pro

"Introducing the Lab PlateMaster Pro marks a significant leap forward in laboratory automation," says Alexander Beck, CEO of b+b Automations- und Steuerungstechnik GmbH in Oberzent. The system allows modular customization to specific requirements, contributing to sustainable process optimization and enhancing the competitiveness of our clients.

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