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Altenburger Senf - Wrap-around labelling and seal labelling

Altenburger Senf focuses on quality in its production process. Accordingly, the technology of their production is not geared towards mass-produced goods. Currently, more than 300 different types of mustard are produced.

Altenburger Senf has chosen b+b as a reliable partner for labelling the mustard jars. With the help of the fully automatic labelling system VRM-DS-T up to 50 products/min can be labelled. By using a rotary belt, the output of the labelling system can be increased to 250 products/min. The labelling system is also suitable for other cylindrical products, such as jars, cans, bottles, vials and similar products.

An additional lid labeller applies a seal label to the lid of the mustard jar. The seal label on the mustard jars is used as a first-opening indication. If the seal label is torn off, the consumer must assume that the jar has already been opened before and consumer protection is no longer guaranteed.

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