EDS 420i | EDS 620i

Printing labels and labeling in one device - flexible and modularly configurable

Label print and apply system for labelling with variable data

Basic concept of the print and apply systems:

Variable, fast and reliable labelling

The requirements for product labelling are increasing and becoming more and more diverse. Track and Trace, product tracing, quality assurance, GS1 regulations require secure and reliable application of variable data. This applies to almost all industries, whether logistics, pharmaceuticals, food industry or chemicals such as agrochemicals. When printing variable data such as graphics or Data Matrix, barcodes, QR codes and comparable code types, uncompromising quality must be implemented.

The EDS 420i and EDS 620i printing and dispensing systems are designed for industrial use and enable you to label your products and their packaging precisely, reliably and quickly using different applicators and label transfer modules.

Highest flexibility due to modular design

The modular design of the systems was the main focus in the development of the printing and dispensing systems. Almost every label requirement can be realized due to the modular system consisting of print module, label dispenser, control system and a wide range of applicators.

The label pre-warning feature, which is already included in the standard module, informs the operator in advance of the upcoming label change. Since all expansion modules and applicators are pluggable, the systems can be modularly expanded at almost any time or completely adapted to another applicator system. The systems are available as a 4" version (EDS 420i) or as a 6" version (EDS 620i) and each as (right) RH and (left) LH units.

Modell EDS


EDS 420i

EDS 460i

4" - version

6" - version

as LH- and RH system available 

as LH- and RH system available

Print modules:

You are completely free in the selection of the pressure modules:

  • Zebra ZE500-4 (Standard 4“)

  • Zebra ZE500-6 (Standard 6“)

  • CAB PX Q4 | CAB PX Q4.3

  • CAB PX Q6.3

  • SATO S84-EX

  • SATO S86-EX

  • Novexx DPM

  • Novexx PEM

  • datamax • o´neill A-4XXX

  • datamax • o´neill A-6XXX

  • TSC PEX-1120 | PEX-1220

  • TSC PEX-1130 | PEX-1230

  • TSC PEX-1160 | PEX-1260


Printing method:

OEM-Printing moduls:

Print speed:

Apply system: 

Base material width:

Role diameter: 

Core diameter:  

Connection options: 






other Features: 

Remote function: 


Thermotransfer | 

4“ | 6“ various manufacturers

up to 500 mm/s*


up to 60m/min**
up to 400mm/s with dispensing edge


at 4“ system - 120 mm
at 6“ system - 180mm


300 mm (standard)
300 mm (with powered unwinder)
450 mm (mit angetriebenem Abwickler)


40 mm | 76 mm (standard)
76 mm with quick release (with driven unwinder)


USB 2.0
Network RJ45
Product light barrier
10 pin interface 
(customer interface)
3-stage signal lamp
Expansion module for I/Os
CAN interface


4,3“ resisitive multicolor touchdisplay

ARM Cortex-A8


Built-in emergency stop relay (2-channel)


VNC-Client over TCP/IP



  *dependent on the selected pressure module
**dependent on the selected application module

Corner wrap labelling front | back

Available application modules and equipment:

Dispensing edge:

  • Dispensing edge with pressure roller | scraper brush (dispensing speed identical to printing speed)

  • Motor driven dispensing edge (dispensing speed independent of printing speed - max. 60m/min) with optional speed synchronization


  • 50 mm | 100 mm | 200 mm | 250 mm Tamp-on applicator (4,5 bar - to 75 N)

  • 300 - 1200 mm tamp-on applicator (6 bar - larger 75 N)

  • 90° turn applicator (front | back)

  • Stroke-rotate applicator

  • Turn-stroke applicator

  • corner-wrap applicator for front and back side

  • Special applicator for very small labels (2 pneumatic motions)

  • Flag applicator for round materials

  • Tandem- | telescopic applicators - compact design with long reach

  • Suction belt applicators

All above mentioned applicators are optionally available with a blow-on function |distance sensors or spring-loaded vacuum plate)


  • fixed | mobile tripods in different heights

  • Height and adjustment units

  • Adapter for side mounting

  • Product light barrier KIT

  • Signal light KIT

  • Display relocation KIT for installation outside

  • 1D barcode scanner-KIT

  • 1D/2D barcode scanner-KIT

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