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Flexible batch coding

Printing of folding boxes or similar products 

Flexible batch coding

Basic concept of the printing system

With the printing system, folding boxes or similar products can be printed quickly and flexibly. The blister cards and folding boxes are separated in the feeder. The product is printed with an inkjet printer in the outlet extension. An integration of other Injekt systems is possible without any problems. The product can be marked in any position thanks to the split top strap. The products are then collected and can be removed manually. Problem-free label dispensers or camera systems can also be integrated instead of the inkjet systems.

Advantages of the printing system

  • the products are already available in the phase-out extension

  • the system can be used as a mobile unit

  • Cost savings through short set-up times


Video example:

Flexible Batch Coding - Model M-FSM-TIJ - Video

Other small devices for labeling small batches

Manual labeler for top side labeling

​Manual labeller for underside labelling

The manual labeller M-TE is used for topside labeling

Manual seal labeller

Manual labeller for seal labeling

The manual labeller M-TE is used for sealing


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