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Rapid S | SM

Apply labels precisely and quickly

Basic concept of the label dispensers:

Compact design for every application

Dispensers of the Rapid S series are designed for simple performance requirements in the speed range up to 30 m/min. For higher outputs up to 60 m/min the RAPID SM series is preferred. The stepper motor version dispenses the label with an accuracy of +/- 0.5 mm. The modular design also allows subsequent extensions with various printing and inspection devices.

  • The control system with operating unit in an external 19" housing.

  • Different cable lengths allow the control unit to be mounted in the most accessible position.

  • The label dispenser can be easily integrated into existing and new packaging lines. Various dispensing systems (rigid dispensing tongue, pneumatic label transfer station, movable dispensing tongue, pneumatic dispensing tongue, magnetic dispensing tongue) guarantee precise labelling.

  • Suitable for labelling a wide variety of products.

Intelligently designed for simple and fast operation

  • Operator guidance via the two-line, illuminated LCD display in a language of choice

  • Product memory for easy and fast product changeover

  • Constant monitoring of the labelling process

  • Plain text display for label tape end, carrier tape tear or other machine states

  • Optionally available are e.g. thermal transfer printer, hot stamp, blind stamp, letterpress inking unit, label pre-signal, interfaces RS232, RS485 or Ethernet, speed adjustment, mechanical label scanning, label scanning with ultrasonic sensor


Rapid S

Rapid SM


up to 30 m/min

up to 60 m/min

Technical data:

Design | Direction of rotation:



Standard widths:

Dispensing speed:


Speed control:

Labelling accuracy:

Fault message display:

Roll outer diameter:

Core diameter:

Passage width:


Protection class:

Inputs and outputs:

Line voltage:

Control system:

Control unit housing:

Left / Right

Direct current motor | Stepper motor

60, 80, 120, 160, 200 and 250 mm

0-30 m/min | 0-60 m/min (120 m/min)


+/- 1 mm | +/- 0.5 mm

Display Signal light


290 mm (350, 400, 450, 500 mm)


40 or 76 mm (100, 150 mm)

Modelbr. + 4 mm

30 kg | 32 kg

IP 2 (optional up to IP 54) | Dispenser: IP 54, electronics: IP 22 (optionally IP 54)


8I/8A expandable to 32I/32A

230 V, 50/60 Hz




19" housing

With the optionally available "IPZ Manager", which communicates with the dispenser via an RS232 or Ethernet interface, remote control and monitoring of the system from a PC is also possible

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