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Labeler for flat products

Fully automatic labeling machine for flat products

The purpose of this system is the format part-independent labeling or printing of flat products such as postcards, flat folding boxes, envelopes, mailing bags, single sheet goods or textile cuts.  


The products are put into the insertion shaft by the operator and are then unstacked layer by layer from below and guided past the labeling, printing or control unit. The system can be continuously refilled during operation. The finished products are then brought together in an outlet chute or a collection box. The system is available for different product widths (here max. product width 350 mm).

This system was developed for a performance range of up to 100 products/min. The HSF model series is available for processing higher quantities/min. In addition to a longer conveyor section for setting up different stations, this also provides the option of product ejection in order to automatically remove NOK products from the process and collect them in a separate collection box . All expansion stages are available either with label dispensers and/or with printing and dispensing units.

The tool-free adjustment enables the shortest changeover times when changing batches and products. Different application processes ensure the best possible labeling result on your products.

Advantages of the fully automatic labeller HSFeco

  • Time saving through automatic de-stacking

  • short changeover times when changing products or batches thanks to tool-free adjustment

  • Optimum label results thanks to different application processes



Functional description

Labellers for flat products

Labeling machine for top labeling of flat products - overview

Labeller for flat products

Labeling Flat Products Like Postcards - Close Up

Video example


Product samples

The labeling machine can be used to label different flat products such as folding boxes, textile cuts, paper cuts, cardboard cuts, envelopes, mailing bags, postcards and single sheet goods.


As a provider of complete solutions, you will also receive from us  adhesive labels  - according to your requirements in different designs - printed and unprinted.

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