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Labeller for top and bottom labelling

Labeling machine for top labeling and bottom labeling

Basic concept of the system for labeling the top and bottom:

The VFP labeling machine can be used to label pasta packaging or other flat products on the underside or top. Accurate labeling of products is important in various sectors such as food or cosmetics, and especially pharmaceuticals and medical technology.  Food packaging or folding boxes are often provided with a label on the top and bottom. Like all systems, this labeller from b+b can also be expanded in a modular way. The processing of different product sizes and formats is possible without tools by simply switching from format to format. Your advantages here are short set-up times and easy handling.  

The fully automatic VFP labeling system enables you to label your products precisely - regardless of whether the label is to be applied to the top, bottom or both sides

In the aforementioned sectors, additional variable information such as e.g. B. batch data, manufacturing, expiry date or complete allergen or ingredient information is essential.

More details:

The tool-free adjustment enables the shortest changeover times when changing batches and products. Different application processes ensure the best possible labeling result on your products. Extensions to apply seal labels to your products (e.g. in a U or L shape) are available for all of our labeling devices.

Modell VFP

Models VFP:




performance up to

60 cycles/min




performance up to

60 cycles/min


Top and bottom labeling

performance up to

60 cycles/min

Products: Folding boxes, cardboard boxes, pasta packaging, salad bowls, bags, etc.

equipment options

  • TTO print module

  • Printing and dispensing unit  

  • inspection solutions

  • Label presence checks

  • product ejection station

  • Seal labeling as L or U

  • Automatic separation

  • Automatic product collection

Fully automatic top and bottom labelling

VFP-TB - fully automatic top and bottom labeling - application example

Description of the functions:

Fully automatic top and bottom labelling

VFP-B - fully automatic underside labeling - application example

Fully automatic top and bottom labelling

VFP-TB - fully automatic top and bottom labeling - application example in detail

Fully automatic top and bottom labelling

VFP-T - fully automatic topside labeling of color caps with extended color cap destacker and stacker


Video example:

Labeler for pasta packaging - VFP-TB

Color Lid Top Labeler Labeler - VFP-T


Product samples

With the labeling machine, countless flat products can be labeled on the top and/or bottom. Examples of this are salad bowls, pasta packaging, bags, sacks, folding boxes, cardboard boxes and much more. With the help of the VFP labeller, different product formats can be labelled.

Important when labeling the top and bottom:

  • Easy changeover to other formats: Since one labeling machine usually has to cover several product formats, it is important to be able to easily change over the system.

  • Exact alignment of the products: Products such as pasta packaging, salad bowls, bags, etc. can be aligned using the conveyor belt and corresponding guide rails.


With us you get your labeling solution from a single source. In addition to our labeling machines, we also offer you the right solution in the field of consumables and adhesive labels.

Other labeling machines

Seal labeller for cartons


L labeller for


The labeler TNC-L was developed for

carton labeling.

Labeller for cartons

fully automatic  

labeller for


The  labeller CLM was developed for carton labelling.

Labeller for top side

fully automatic  

labeller for

flat products

Of the  Labeler HSFeco was developed for labeling flat products on the top.

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