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Labeler for test tubes | tubes

Labeling machine for test tubes

Basic concept of the system for labeling test tubes, laboratory tubes, samples:

With the fully automatic labeling system RML60pharma from b+b, tubes are precisely labeled on the circumference. The tubes are fed to the labeling system via a sorting and feeding station and separated. The tubes are transported to the labeling station via a conveyor belt. Compared to semi-automatic systems, a higher number of items can be achieved here. With the labeller, the tubes can be labeled both lengthways and all around.

Our labellers are characterized by quality, durability and user-friendliness.

additional modules

The system can be expanded to include label printing systems such as thermal transfer printing systems, thermal inkjet devices (TIJ), continuous inkjet systems (CIJ) or hot stamping devices. Optional vision systems guarantee quality criteria such as the presence, correctness of print data, label placement on your products and ensure that complaints are settled right from the start.

Technical specifications

  • Products: tubes, test tubes, laboratory samples

  • Performance range: up to 60 prod./min

equipment options

  • TTO pressure module

  • camera system(s)

  • ejection station

  • backup labeller

  • magazines

  • label attendance station

  • label ejection station

Vollautomatische Tubenetikettierung

Fully automatic labeling system for labeling tubes - labeling process

labelling system for test tubes

Fully Automatic Tube Labeler - Overview

video samples

Integration into existing production lines

Biotype develops, manufactures and sells molecular diagnostic kits for the detection and quantification of RNA and DNA markers. To label test tubes, the pharmaceutical manufacturer opted for a fully automatic labeling machine from the RML60pharma series.

The tube labeller was developed by Zellwag Pharmtech AG  integrated into the production line. Zellwag Pharmtech AG has specialized in the development and manufacture of filling and closing systems for the pharmaceutical, healthcare and cosmetics industries in the medium performance segment. Independent of  Products are filled aseptically or non-aseptically - Zellwag is a reliable partner for filling vials, bottles, syringes and cartridges in the small and medium performance range.

Labeller for tubes

Integrated labeling machine in the filling line

product samples

The RMLpharma labeller labels cylindrical, lying products such as e.g. B. tubes, test tubes, samples.

Important when labeling ampoules, cartridges and syringes

  • Precise labeling of the cylindrical products: e.g. B. corresponding filling level scales, the labels must be applied precisely.

  • Integration into existing packaging lines: The labeling machine can be expanded in modules. Automatic loading of the system and subsequent collection can be implemented without any problems.

  • Compliance with FMD guidelines: Our labeling machines comply with all FMD systems and can be easily expanded with appropriate serialization modules.

  • Meeting industry-specific guidelines and requirements: integration of coding, serialization, control and ejection systems

  • Different printing of batch information, codes and BBD: We integrate the appropriate applicators into your labeling system - you are also welcome to provide them


As a provider of complete solutions, you can also get adhesive labels from us - in different versions according to your requirements:  Bar code labels to identify the tubes | Blank labels for manual inscription or printing and many other labels - printed and unprinted.

Other tube labeling machines:

Labeller for tubes


labeller for


The labeller TNC-R was developed for labeling lying products.

Labeller for tubes

fully automatic  

labeller for


Of the  Labeller TEM was developed for tube labelling.

Labeller for ampoules

Fully automatic labeller for

test tube

The RML labeller is used to label ampoules, cartridges and syringes.

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