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Semi-automatic labeller for shaped bottles

Semi-automatic side labeling of shaped bottles

The semi-automatic labeling machine from b+b was developed for side labeling of shaped bottles in small batches. Labeling of shaped bottles is very easy thanks to the TNC-F model series. The front and back labels should be on a carrier material. The product is placed in a product receiving device.


As soon as the 2-hand operation is activated, the system starts picking up the product in the two format jaws and rotates and aligns the product before the front and back labels are applied exactly to the desired positions.  


By exchanging the format parts of the product receiving device, cylindrical or angular products can be processed and provided with several labels in addition to the shaped bottles. In this way, the product can be provided with labels on both sides.

A printing unit can be integrated for individual labeling of the shaped bottles. You can easily print the labels yourself inline. The integration of a printing unit is suitable, for example, for hand disinfection gel with a use-by date, for seasonal products filled in bottles or jars.  

The output of labeled products depends on the operator of the labeling system.

Advantages of the semi-automatic labeling machine TNC-F

  • Fast and accurate labeling of small batches

  • One-sided, multi-sided and all-round labeling in one system

  • Several product formats can be labeled using format parts

  • quick changeover to other formats

  • By integrating printing units, individual numbers or notices can be precisely applied to the product

All model variants can be expanded by

  • pressure unit

  • presence

  • orientation

  • Inspection (print control, print data control)

  • product ejection

  • Serialization (hardware and software)

  • Audit Trail (21 CFR Part 11)

Semi-automatic side labelling
Semi-automatic side labelling

Semi-automatic labeller for labeling on both sides

Semi-automatic labeller for hand sanitizer bottles

product samples

Products such as bottles, shaped bottles, vials, deodorant rollers, glasses and similar products can be labeled with the semi-automatic labeling machine TNC-F.

Important for semi-automatic one-sided or multi-sided labelling

  • Easy handling and usability

  • Quick and tool-free changeover to other formats

  • Precise labelling

  • Subsequent integration of printing units


Adhesive labels give your products the desired market presence and are used to implement various labeling requirements. Would you like a solution from a single source? We offer you the complete solution for semi-automatic labeling of your products. 


Other labeling machines for side labeling and all-round labeling of shaped bottles:

Canister labeller

Semi-automatic labeller for side labeling of canisters

The labeller TNC-2F was designed for the semi-automatic labeling of  

Developed in large containers such as canisters.

Labeler for side labeling

Fully automatic labeller for side and all-round labelling

The FM labeller was developed for labeling bottles and other products on the side and all around.

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