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labeler for mold false | side labeller

Fully automatic labeling machine for side and wrap-around labeling

Basic concept of the system for side and wrap-around labelling

The basic concept of the labeling machine is labeling on both sides and on the side of shaped bottles without using format sets. The adaptation to the respective product is done by simply adjusting the machine components. The associated advantages are short set-up times, high availability and multiple use in different production lines. For an exact placement of the labels when labeling the side, the shaped bottles are exactly on the transport route  aligned. Label formats of up to 250mm in height and cycle rates of up to 250 labels per minute are possible. This makes it easy to cover a wide range of products. Small production quantities can be labeled most efficiently with semi-automated labeling solutions. The TNC-DS models are suitable for this  for all-round and TNC-F for side labeling.  

The fully automatic FM labeller is suitable for the precise labeling of canisters, shaped bottles, bottles, vials, pots and many other cylindrical products.

The basic machine is used for side labeling of shaped bottles. This can be done on one or both sides. Some bottle caps even offer additional marking from above. An all-round module is available as an extension of the system, so that cylindrical products can also be processed in addition to the actual shaped bottles. The module is available either as a 3-roller turning station or as a lateral rotary belt (for higher performance ranges) or as a combination of the variants. An additional dispensing device is not usually required here.

Due to the use of high-quality materials, the labellers are robust and reliable and can be used in multi-shift operations without any problems. 

FM models

FM eco

shaped bottles
1 or 2 sides

performance up to

60 cycles/min


shaped bottles

1 or 2 sides

performance up to

250 prod./min


Form bottles and cylindrical products

performance up to

60 cycles/min


Form bottles and cylindrical products

performance up to
250 prod./min


Form bottles and cylindrical products

With our eco model, we offer you a more cost-efficient labeling system with a shorter delivery time.

Modelle FM

additional modules

The labeling system can be expanded as desired with label printing systems such as thermal transfer printing systems, thermal inkjet devices (TIJ), continuous inkjet systems (CIJ) or hot stamping devices. Optional vision systems guarantee quality criteria such as availability, correctness of print data, label placement and ensure that complaints are settled right from the start.

equipment options

  • TTO pressure module

  • camera system(s),

  • ejection station

  • backup labeller

  • turntable

  • buffer table

  • label rejection

  • Top and bottom labeller

  • Braille Labeller

  • Label presence control

  • target labeling

  • Label Orientation

  • label dispenser

Labeller for shaped bottles

Overview - Labeler for shaped bottles

Description of the functions:​

Fully automatic labelling system for labelling shaped bottles on both sides

The shaped bottles are transported to the product separation and alignment station via a conveyor belt.

Fully automatic labelling system for labelling shaped bottles on both sides

Shaped bottles are labeled on both sides

Double-sided labelling of cylindrical bottles - fully automatic

All-round module DS - for exact target labeling or for applying several labels on the circumference - trigger bottles

Wrap-around module for labelling cylindrical bottles

All-round module DS - different format sets make the system universally applicable

video example

product samples

With the FM model, countless products can be labeled on the side and all around. Examples: Bottles, small canisters, long-necked bottles, vials, jars, small buckets, cans, cups, roll-on deodorant, etc.

Important for side labeling

  • High-performance labeller: With a cycle rate of up to 250 labels per minute, the system guarantees fast throughput. It is therefore suitable for high-consumption and small products.

  • Labeling accuracy: A high degree of labeling accuracy is extremely important for side labeling. Due to the exact product alignment on the transport route, our systems achieve exact accuracy when placing the label.

  • User-friendly conversions: Adaptation to the respective product can be done by simply adjusting the machine components. The labeling machine is characterized by fast conversion and the use of the system for a wide range of products.


Other labeling machines for side labeling and all-round labeling of shaped bottles:

Page labeler

Semi-automatic labeller for side labeling

The TNC-F labeller was developed for semi-automatic side labelling

Labeler for all-round labeling

Fully automatic labeller for all-round labelling

The labeler VRM became the  all-round labelling  developed.

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