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Label dispenser

Print and apply systems

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Label dispenser

Label dispensers simplify the labelling process. They apply a pre-printed label precisely and quickly to the product. They are extremely robust in their construction. Label dispensers are suitable for many labelling tasks. They can apply labels from the top, bottom, front and back. They only apply pre-printed labels. If the label is to be printed with, for example, a sequential number, the use of a label print dispenser is suitable.

Label print dispenser

Label print dispensers print and dispense labels. They are therefore a combination of label printer and label dispenser. After the label is printed, it is applied to the products, boxes or other product packaging. The application of variable data is easily possible with the use of label dispensers. Due to their design, they can be used flexibly in any production.

Due to the modular design, a wide variety of printing modules from well-known partners can be integrated into the label printing dispenser. Almost every labelling requirement can be realised by the large range of applicators. Conversion to a different labelling task is possible with simple hand movements.

Print and apply systems

With the fully automatic printing and dispensing systems from b+b, labels can be printed in the line before they are applied to the product, packaging or pallet. With the systems almost every requirement can be realized - whether front side labeling, back side labeling, from below or from above.  The systems can be integrated into any production line both in terms of hardware and software. The integration of two-color printing modules enables product labeling in accordance with the global GS1 standards. Product labels with specific or changing information such as date or weight can be flexibly reacted to.

Print and apply system - at one glance:

  • direct printing of the label - also multicoloured

  • Label width and print resolution are adjustable

  • high user-friendliness

  • Integration into existing production lines possible

  • variable data can be printed to the label

Further labelling systems

Semi-automatic and fully automatic labelling systems

Our fully and semi-automatic labelling systems are suitable for almost any requirement. Our labelers position the label precisely on the most varied products, containers or plates - whether from above, from below, laterally, all around or across corners. Regardless of whether the product to be labelled is stationary or in motion - our labellers apply the label precisely and reliably. Due to the use of high-quality and robust materials, our labellers are designed to withstand heavy loads and can also be used for 24-hour shifts over many years.

With one labelling model you can label several product and packaging formats. This allows you to design your production line efficiently. Short set-up times save you time and money.

Serialization and aggregation systems

Also in combination with our labelling systems we offer you all necessary components for the implementation of the requirements for serialisation and aggregation (Track & Trace). In addition to our standard systems, we also develop customer-specific solutions and the necessary software modules that go well beyond the usual compliance requirements. Regardless of whether you want to serialize small or large batches - we have the right solution for you.



The heart of our modular software is the b+b LineManager. It guides the operating personnel intuitively through the processing of the production order. To prevent data loss in the event of an unexpected power failure, we integrate an uninterruptible power supply unit (UPS).


Our sensibly dimensioned touch panel HMI naturally complies with FDA requirement 21 CFR Part 11 (Audit Trail). Furthermore, it is possible to switch to RE-WORK mode directly within the system and to take samples at any time. 

Manufacturer for label print dispensers, label dispensers and print apply systems - b+b Automations- und Steuerungstechnik GmbH - Made in Germany

Our labelling systems and labelling machines are characterised by their high quality, modularity, durability and user-friendliness. Together with our subsidiary BBK Etikettier- und Sondermaschinenbau GmbH, we have been active in the labelling and marking industry for more than 30 years. Find out more about our group of companies.


Our labelers are characterised by the highest quality.  


Due to the modular design of our labelling systems, you have the possibility to adapt them to changes in your production line.


Our competent service staff and technicians advise you worldwide and are available online 24 / 7.


Our systems are characterized by user-friendliness. Our labelling systems can be operated intuitively.

Current projects - Labelling and serialization

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