RML series

Labelling machines for ampoules

Basic concept of the system for labelling ampoules, cartridges and syringes:​

Our labelling machine RML has been developed for labelling of non-stable cylindrical products - ampoule labelling, carpule labelling, syringe labelling. A synchronised roller conveyor belt transports the horizontal products to the labelling station, which fixes the label to the circumference. The system convinces with highest positioning accuracy.


The labelling system is suitable for products such as ampoules, cartridges, lipsticks, syringes and vials and is therefore used in the pharmaceutical, medical technology, cosmetics and food industries. Safe labelling and control processes are extremely important when labelling products from the cosmetics and food industries - especially the pharmaceutical industry. Deviations and errors can lead to life-threatening situations.


From manual pick-up and take-off to fully automatic loading and subsequent collection of the products, this model is modularly expandable. Particularly narrow products such as ampoules or cartridges can also be processed with the aid of format sets (RML-FS).

Our labellers are characterised by quality, durability and user-friendliness.

Add-on modules:

The system can be expanded as required with label printing systems such as thermal transfer printing systems, thermal inkjet devices (TIJ), continuous inkjet systems (CIJ) or hot stamping devices. Optional vision systems guarantee quality criteria such as presence, correctness of print data, label placement on your products and ensure that complaints are dealt with right from the start.

Are you looking for a uniform cross-device print data management tool? - Take a look at our label design and automation tool LabelsPlatform 4

Model RML


  • TTO print module

  • camera system(s)

  • eject station

  • backup labeller

  • magazines

  • blister packaging

  • cartoning unit

  • label presence station

  • label eject station

Fully automatic labelling system for labelling horizontal, cylindrical ampoules





Vials, ampoules, carpules, pens, syringes, cartridges, tubes (RML-T)


up to 130 products/min

up to 80 products/min (for tubes)

Product samples:

The RML labeller labels cylindrical, horizontal products such as ampoules, cartridges, syringes.

Important when labelling ampoules, cartridges and syringes:

  • Powerful and fast labelling machines: The RML labeller labels at speeds of up to 130 cycles/min.

  • Short makeready times: By changing the format sets without tools, our labeler can be adjusted to the product formats in no time at all.

  • Integration into existing packaging lines: The labelling machine is modularly expandable. Automatic loading of the system and subsequent collection can be easily implemented.

  • Compliance with FMD guidelines: Our labeling systems comply with all FMD systems and can be easily expanded with corresponding serialization modules.

  • Compliance with industry-specific guidelines and requirements: Integration of coding, serialization, control and ejection systems

  • Different printing of batch information, codes and MHD: We integrate the corresponding applicators into your labelling system - we would also be pleased to provide you with them.

  • Gentle and continuous product transport.

Application example:

Here you can find interesting application examples and already implemented projects of well-known partners.


As a supplier of complete solutions, we can also supply you with adhesive labels - in various designs according to your requirements:

Syringe labels | Ampoule labels | Carpenter labels and many other labels - printed and unprinted.

Other labelling machines for tube labelling:

Fully automatic labeller for labelling test tubes

With the fully automatic labeling system RML60pharma from b + b, tubes are precisely labeled around the circumference. The tubes are fed to the labeling system via a sorting and feeding station and separated. The tubes are transported to the labeling station via a conveyor belt. Compared to semi-automatic systems, a higher number of pieces can be achieved here. With the labeler, the tubes can be labeled lengthways as well as all around.


Our labelers are characterized by quality, durability and ease of use.

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Semi-automatic labelling machine for labelling tubes

The semi-automatic labelling machine TNC-R was developed for the wrap-around labelling of tubes. The labeller can be used to label tubes such as ampoules, laboratory samples and similar products. 


A printing unit can be integrated for individual labelling of the tubes. This allows you to print the labels yourself inline very easily.

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