Series TNC-L

Semi-automatic lablling machine for seal labelling

The semi-automatic labelling machine for seal and closure labelling of cartons is ideally suited for packaging small batches. With the TNC-L series, cardboard boxes and folding boxes are provided with sealing labels or closure labels. The system is infinitely variable and adjustable to different formats. We determine the format range together with the customer.


Closure and sealing labels can have different functions. They can be used either as protection against tampering or to reseal the product. The different functions play an important role in the selection of the labels.


Sealing labels or closure labels offer protection against manipulation. In connection with counterfeit protection, sealing labels are becoming increasingly important. Closure labelling plays an increasingly important role, especially for medicines, food or cosmetic products. It protects the manufacturer from product counterfeiting and the associated potential damage to reputation and increases consumer confidence in the products. Seal labels provide the consumer with a first opening notice. If the carton has been opened in advance, the label or packaging is visibly damaged.


If a seal label is used to reseal a product, the label must adhere well and repeatedly and yet be easy to open.


The labelling process can be triggered by a 2-hand operation or by a foot switch. The carton is first placed manually in the labelling machine. Optionally, the labelling can also be carried out at several points - for this purpose the product is repositioned in the system.

Advantages of the semi-automatic labelling system TNC-L

  • Fast, precise and reliable cap labelling of small batches

  • Single-sided or multi-sided seal labelling of cartons in one system

  • Several product formats can be labelled with one labelling machine

  • quick change to other formats

  • user-friendly


Model TNC-L




Cartons, folding boxes





8 -12 Products/min

All models can be extended by modules such as

• Printing unit

• Vision inspection (print presence, print data control,
     presence, alignment)

• Product rejection

• Serialisation (hardware and software)

• Audit Trail (21 CFR Part 11)

Closure labelling of cartons

Product samples

With the semi-automatic labelling system for seal and closure labelling, a wide variety of square products can be labelled. Examples are cartons, folding boxes, cosmetics packaging, food packaging such as muesli cartons. 

Important for closure labelling and seal labelling of cartons

  • Quick changeover to other carton and packaging formats

  • Precise and safe application of the label

  • Correct selection of labels according to function (reclosure or first opening notice

  • Easy handling


Would you like a turnkey solution? We would be pleased to advise you on the choice of the right closure labels and sealing labels for your requirements. You will find information about our labels here.

Examples of use

You can find our current projects here.

Further labelling machines for tamper-evident labelling:

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Fully automatic labelling machine for tamper-evident labelling

Are you looking for a fully automatic labelling machine for tamper-evident labelling and seal labelling? The fully automatic labeller TE from b+b can label up to 300 folding boxes per minute.

The labelling system can optionally be equipped with a serialisation module. For this purpose printer and camera system are integrated into the labelling system.

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