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Labeler for drum pallets |
IBC container

Fully automatic labeling machine for labeling barrel pallets IBC containers 

All chemicals are subject to mandatory classification and labeling before they are placed on the market. Often several labels (product label, dangerous goods label and logistics label) on the containers or drum pallets are used up.  The labeling can be done continuously or at a standstill.  

The fully automatic labeling system of the IBLM-VCB model series was developed for the lateral labeling of drum pallets and IBC containers. A label dispenser (2 color system) is used to print the labels.


The label is removed from the dispensing edge of the printer with the help of a vacuum belt and applied to the front of the drum pallet or the IBC container. Thanks to the automatic traversing axes, the labels can be applied to different positions on the drum pallet side. Several label applications per side are therefore possible without any problems.


Technical specifications

  • Barrel pallets | IBC container

  • 12 products/h

equipment options

  • TTO pressure modules

  • camera system(s)

  • Packing in blisters

  • cartoning unit

  • label ejection station  label attendance station

  • Additional label dispenser with rotating station for GHS stickers

  • Height traversing unit for different barrel sizes

  • protective housing

Labeller for IBC containers

Drum labeller - labeling machine for drum pallets

Labeller for IBC containers

Labeling machine for drum pallets 

Labeller for drum pallets

Drum labeller - labeling machine for drum pallets

video example

Labeling machine IBLM-VCB for labeling IBC containers

Labeling machine IBLM-VCB for labeling barrel pallets

product samples

Drum pallets and IBC containers can be labeled with the IBLM labeling machine.


Adhesive labels give your products the desired market presence and are used to implement various labeling requirements. Would you like a solution from a single source? We offer you the complete solution for the fully automatic labeling of your products.

Other labeling machines for drum labeling

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