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Barrel labeller

Fully automatic labeling machine for labeling drums in accordance with GHS guidelines

All chemicals are subject to mandatory classification and labeling before they are placed on the market and are often placed on the market in drums and pails of different sizes. This places increased demands on the flexibility of the labeling unit with regard to the print data, multi-color printing and application height (labelling height).

Often several labels are applied to the circumference of the barrel (product label, dangerous goods label(s) and logistics label. For this purpose, the system can be equipped with several label dispensers and/or several printing and dispensing systems. The labeling can be carried out continuously or at a standstill. Depending on the Depending on the application and labeling requirements, the labeling system can also be placed at a drum labeling station.  

The height is adjusted either manually using smooth-running spindles or fully automatically using actuators that move the label dispensers into position depending on the system recipe.  

Either simple label applicators, vacuum belts or robot systems are used to transfer the labels onto the barrel, which can process different label sizes with the appropriate special vacuum plate.

The label presence or the correctness of the print data is checked either by using stationary barcode scanners or camera systems.

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Technical specifications

  • cylindrical products (large)

  • 3-5 products/min

equipment options

  • TTO print module

  • camera system(s)

  • Packing in blisters

  • cartoning unit

  • label ejection station  label attendance station

  • Additional label dispenser with rotating station for GHS stickers

  • Height traversing unit for different barrel sizes

Fully automatic labeller for drum labelling

Labeling machine for barrel labeling - applying the label 

Fully automatic labeller for drum labelling

Barrel Labeler - Labeling Machine Overview

video example

BLM labeling machine for labeling barrels and KEGs

Labeling machine BLM-HC6-VCB1200  for all-round labeling of barrels with 3 labels

product samples

The BLM labeling machine can be used to label a wide variety of large, cylindrical products such as barrels.


Adhesive labels give your products the desired market presence and are used to implement various labeling requirements. Would you like a solution from a single source? We offer you the complete solution for the fully automatic labeling of your products.

Other labeling machines for drum labeling

Labeller for KEG

Banding for  KEG

The TNC-GG labeller was designed for labeling  KEG developed.

Labeller for KEG

Fully automatic neck ring applicator for KEG

The labeler NRA was developed for labeling KEGs.

Labeller for drum pallets

Fully automatic labeler for drum pallets

The labeler IBLM was developed for labeling barrels .

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