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Neck ring labeller for KEG

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Fully automatic special machine for applying neck rings to KEG barrels

Labeling a reusable container with variable data was previously a difficult undertaking, and not only in the food and beverage sector. With our innovative neck ring applicator system, it is now possible to label your products or brands with high-quality printing and additional variable data.

As far as the actual label design and artwork is concerned, there are no limits to the imagination. This can either relate to highlighting your brand or your product. Variable data such as the type of drink, filling date, expiry date, batch code or a promotion code can be printed directly in the system before the neck ring is attached to the keg fitting. Metal as well as plastic and wooden barrels can be processed.

Thanks to the modular system concept, the unit can be easily integrated into your existing production environment. Any existing free conveyor line can be integrated into the system or also implemented by us.  

Are you looking for the right, cross-line automation software or for the right partner to integrate your label printing dispensers into your ERP solution? - Under  find a flexible and modular solution.


Models NRA


KEG barrels

6 kegs/min

360 KEG/h


KEG barrels

18 kegs/min

1080 KEG/h

Fully automatic labelling of chassis springs

Automatic interchangeable magazines to increase autonomy

Depending on the system configuration, the system can be fitted with an automatic interchangeable cassette system in order to either minimize changeover times and store several stacks of labels or to accommodate different stacks of labels.

Fully automatic labelling of chassis springs
Fully automatic labelling of chassis springs

Other labeling machines for labeling KEGs

Labeler for KEG

Banding for  KEG

The TNC-GG labeller was designed for labeling  KEG developed.

Barrel labeller

Fully automatic labeller for drums

The labeller BLM was developed for labeling barrels.

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