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Semi-automatic labeller for wrap-around labelling

Semi-automatic labeller for cans

Basic concept of the semi-automatic labeling machine for wrap-around labelling:

With the labeling system of the TNC-DS model series, cylindrical products such as honey jars are labeled on the circumference. To do this, the product is placed manually in the product turning station. The labeling process is triggered by pressing the foot switch or the optionally available 2-hand control. The product is set in rotation and the label is applied precisely around the perimeter of the label. By default, the model is available with different roll widths (100 to 300 mm) and different label dispensers (60 to 250 mm) or printing and dispensing systems. Optionally, the labels can be aligned using a weld seam or other product features.

If there are front and back labels on a label roll, the system can also place several labels around the circumference. Here is the distance between the labels to each other  adjustable in the system format.

Depending on the operating personnel, the performance of this model range is 10 to 15 products/min.

For large batches or high-consumption products, we recommend fully automatic labeling solutions. Our VRM labeling machine is a fully automatic system for labeling round and square products such as cans, glasses, vials and much more.

More details about the labeling machine

The tool-free adjustment enables the shortest changeover times when changing batches and products. Different application processes ensure the best possible labeling result on your products. Extensions to apply seal labels to your products (e.g. in a U or L shape) are available for all of our labeling devices.

equipment options

  • pressure unit

  • Inspection (print control, print data control, presence, alignment)

  • product ejection

  • Serialization (hardware and software)

  • Audit Trail (21 CFR Part 11)

Semi-automatic wrap-around labelling

Wraparound labeling of honey jars - closeup

Video example:


Models TNC-DS:


label width

up to 60 mm

roll width



label width

up to 80 mm

roll width



label width

up to 120 mm

roll width


TNC DS 160/200

label width

up to 160mm

roll width


TNC DS 200/250

label width

up to 200mm

roll width


TNC DS 250/300

label width

up to 250mm

roll width


product samples

With the semi-automatic labeller from b+b for labeling cylindrical products, different products can be labeled all around. Examples are bottles, vials, jars, small buckets, cans, cups, roll-on deodorant, etc.

Important for semi-automatic wrap-around labelling

  • Easy handling and usability

  • quick and tool-free change to other formats

  • Precise labelling

  • Subsequent integration of printing units


Adhesive labels give your products the desired market presence and are used to implement various labeling requirements. Would you like a solution from a single source? We offer you the complete solution for semi-automatic labeling of your products.

Model TNC-DS

Other labeling machines for wrap-around labelling:

Labeler for all-round labeling

Fully automatic labeller for all-round


The labeler VRM was designed for labeling vials, bottles and others

developed cylindrical products.

Labeler for side labeling

Fully automatic labeller for side and all-round labelling

The FM labeller was developed for labeling bottles and other products on the side and all around.

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