Turnkey solutions for labelling, serialisation, aggregation and automation:
We, b+b Automations- und Steuerungstechnik GmbH, develop complete solutions in the fields of labelling machines, serialisation, aggregation and automation. Starting with the individual labeling machine to semi-automatic labelers up to fully automatic labeling systems. Legal requirements as well as your wishes and needs are the focus here.


In addition to our branchenspezifischen standard systems, we offer complete solutions and project the necessary hardware and software modules for your application. For this purpose we integrate components from well-known partners in the fields of printing, sensor and camera technology.


Our semi-automatic and fully automatic labelling systems, label printing dispensers as well as aggregation and serialisation systems are characterised by quality, modularity, user-friendliness and durability.


Turnkey solutions for labelling: 
Our high-performance labellers are used for printing and dispensing labels. No matter whether the product to be labelled is in motion, e.g. on conveyor belts, or at a standstill. Our semi-automatic and fully automatic labellers position the label on a wide variety of products, containers or pallets - from below, from above, all around, sideways or across corners. Several product formats and labelling requirements can be covered with one labelling model. The short set-up times of our labelling systems save you time and money and enable you to design your production line efficiently. 


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By using robust materials in the manufacture of our semi-automatic and fully automatic labellers, our systems are reliable and resilient and can be used in 24-hour shift production for many years.


We are happy to offer you our standard systems or work with you to develop a labelling system that meets your requirements and wishes. Each production process has special features such as throughput time, cycle rate, number of products, number of product formats, data connection to e.g. your existing ERP system. Label size and label formats. Even industries with complex requirements, such as the pharmaceutical industry, can rely on b+b labellers for maximum reliability and accuracy in labelling. Seal labels and special labels are applied to the desired product with the highest precision. In addition to precise and reliable labelling, production managers today face other challenges such as seamless traceability or measures against product counterfeiting such as serialisation.


Contact us now and receive your complete solution for labelling, serialisation and aggregation your products. 



We offer you individual support contracts tailored to your needs to ensure that you have quick access to our experts. Based on your industry, the scope of installation and number of users, we will be happy to advise you and create the optimal SLA for you.

Customers who choose to sign an SLA with us receive priority support and free software updates during the SLA validity period. Furthermore, SLA customers have free access to our support hotline and ticket system (within the scope of the SLA).

For users without a support contract (SLA) our ticket system is available. You can inform yourself about the status of your support request at any time (ticket status). Our ticket system is available around the clock.

Our experts are available to you via our support hotline during our opening hours and will be happy to advise you in case of service. 


You can reach our service hotline under: 06068 9310-900




Fully automatic labeling machine for labeling and coding tubes

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As a provider in the field of labelling, serialisation, aggregation and automation, we have already implemented many projects for well-known partners from a wide variety of industries. We develop specific solutions for the respective industry, from pharmaceuticals to foodstuffs and automatives.

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