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In the food industry, the requirements for hygiene standards and automated processes are particularly high. Food manufacturers usually produce around the clock - for this reason, high-performance labellers are an important requirement.  


Labels are important information carriers in the food industry. According to the LMIV, foods must be labeled with appropriate general and product-specific foods.

Food labeling has two main functions:

  1. The look and design of the labels should encourage consumers to make a purchase.

  2. The label serves as an information carrier for the food labeling.

Food labels are mostly used to provide all important information and to present the product as appetizingly and attractively as possible. Serving or recipe suggestions are often shown on it. Accurate labeling is especially important to make the product look attractive.

Labeller for salad bowls

Fully automatic labeller for labeling the top of salad bowls

Food-specific labeling systems from b+b - food labeling made easy:

  • more than 35 years of experience in the development of food-specific solutions

  • modular complete solutions consisting of: serialization, labeling and aggregation

  • individual and tailor-made solutions tailored to your production conditions and

  • simple implementation of the LMIV with b+b labeling systems

  • Serialize, label and automate safely with b+b as a partner


According to the LMIV , foods must be labeled with the appropriate general and product-specific food information - the label thus serves as an indispensable source of information . For the label itself, there are also food law regulations regarding the label material and the label adhesive.

The individual requirements of the food manufacturer and the general as well as the product-specific labeling regulations must be observed when using labels.

print options

  • Application of variable data such as the best-before date

  • Printing process for high production speed

  • Integration of provisions possible

  • powerful labeller

  • modular design

  • compact design

  • Integration into existing production lines

control options
  • Verification of variable data

  • Label presence control

  • ejection station

  • rejection countercheck

Serialization & Aggregation
  • enables quick recalls

  • complete traceability

  • High performance

  • Hardware and software solution

Sicher kennzeicnen in der Lebensmittelindustrie


Safely packaged food with seal labels

Seal labels offer the consumer protection by giving him a notice of first opening . If the label is broken, the consumer knows that the product was previously opened. Terms such as freshness seal, closure label or guarantee seal are often used synonymously for seal labels.


In this example, the label is applied to the lid and the label flaps are folded down onto both product sides and pressed on. In this way, a bridge is formed between the lid and the product sides. If these are intact, it is guaranteed that the product has not been opened again after packaging. If one of the bridges is damaged, there is no guarantee that the product is in perfect condition. Seal labels thus offer a high level of protection for consumers .


Food labels are mostly made of paper. It is important for seal labels that the label material is made in such a way that it tears easily when the product is opened . The label adhesive should be selected in such a way that the label cannot be detached from the product without leaving a residue, in order to avoid resealing after the first opening. When choosing the right label material and adhesive, the packaging surface and format play an important role. The seal labels from b+b can meet almost any requirement.

Fast and precise closure labelling

The labeller VFP-T offers a versatile machine in the food industry. The VFP-T labeller is designed to apply a label to the top of products and optionally to fold over the label flaps on both sides of the product.


In order to achieve an optimal labeling result with the Knorr brand spice shakers , the products are separated before entering the labeling station .

Labeler seal labels

Lid labeling of spice shakers - Labeler model VFP-T

The products are aligned using the product cover in the product turning device. The spice shakers are transported through the system via a conveyor belt on both sides during the labeling process. The passage width of the conveyor belt can be quickly and easily adjusted to wider products by the user .

Printing with variable data

To print the labels with variable data , such as batch numbers or best-before dates, a printing system provided by the customer was integrated into the labeling system. If the customer wants a solution from a single source, b+b offers various printing systems from well-known manufacturers, which can also be integrated into the system.


With the help of the Rapid SM 120 label dispenser, labels with a width of up to 120 mm can be applied to the products quickly and precisely. This means that wider label formats can also be donated with the labeling system. The system can label 60 - 80 products/min , as a twin lane system up to 120 products/min . The labeling process is thus designed to be as efficient as possible.


With the three-side labeling of the spice shaker , the label is applied to the top of the product in the run and then folded over to both sides of the product in the label rolling station and rolled or pressed on.

Labeler closure labels

Labeler VFP-T - label tabs 

Food labeller

Labeler VFP-T - ironing and pressing on the label flaps

A camera system checks the label position , the label print and whether the correct label has been applied to the product. If a product or label is faulty, it is automatically sorted out of the labeling system. For convenient operation of the labeller, it is equipped with a panel PC and a user-friendly visualization .

Hohe Anforderung

Food closure labeling video


The compact and food-safe complete design as well as the various optional applications allow the labeller to be used in almost all production environments.


The labeller can be adjusted to other product and label formats in just a few minutes.  With labellers from b+b, food manufacturers are also well equipped for future increasing labeling requirements and growing product ranges.


As a manufacturer of food labeling machines, b+b has already implemented many projects for well-known food manufacturers

  • more than 30 years of experience in special machine construction for the food industry

  • Specialized and industry specific labeling solutions

  • Efficient labeling machines that meet the requirements of food labeling

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