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Small production facilities and a broad product portfolio present chemical manufacturers with challenges when it comes to implementing increasing labeling requirements. The company b+b automation and control technology offers modular labeling and marking systems that can be optimally adapted to any space and marking requirements.

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Label chemical products quickly, easily and precisely

Planol is one of the leading manufacturers of cleaning chemicals and offers the full range of cleaning and care products for commercial building cleaning.  


Planol's product range includes cleaning products in the following categories:

  • Ecological cleaners

  • industrial cleaner  and  gastronomy cleaner

  • glass cleaner and  textile cleaner

  • Special cleaner, basic cleaner and universal cleaner

  • Sanitary cleaners and surface cleaners

  • Vending machine cleaners and car window cleaners

  • Cleaning concentrates and room fresheners


In order to be able to label the product portfolio with a labeling machine as far as possible, Planol decided on a fully automatic labeling machine from b+b Automations- und Steuerungstechnik GmbH.

Many chemical manufacturers are faced with the task of labeling a wide range of products , but only have little space for the often bulky labellers in their production facilities. In addition, there are increasing labeling requirements in the chemical industry, which is why more and more manufacturers have to retrofit or replace existing labeling machines. 

Labeller for chemistry

Chemical product labeler

Chemical-specific labeling machines from b+b - chemical labeling made easy:

  • more than 35 years of experience in the development of chemical-specific solutions

  • modular complete solutions consisting of: serialization, labeling and aggregation

  • individual and tailor-made solutions tailored to your production conditions and

  • Serialize, label and automate safely with b + b as a partner

Our fully automatic labeling solutions - four examples specifically for labeling chemical products:

Sicher kennzeichnen


The labeling systems from b+b have a modular structure. As a result, b+b customers have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of options and also to subsequently expand their systems at low cost , and thus meet new labeling requirements or product adaptations. Possible modules for expanding the system:

Print options

  • application of variable data

  • Printing process for high production speed

  • Integration of provisions possible

  • powerful labeller

  • modular design

  • compact design

  • Integration into existing production lines

Control options
  • Verification of variable data

  • Label presence control

  • ejection station

  • rejection countercheck

Serialization & Aggregation
  • Reliability in the transmission of serial numbers

  • High performance

  • Hardware and software solution



Planol opted for an individually adapted labeling solution from the KEM-RB model series. With the labeling system, countless product formats can be marked and labeled according to customer requirements. The following labeling can be carried out with the labeller specially adapted for Planol:

  • Three-sided labeling of canisters

  • Wraparound labeling of cylindrical bottles

  • Two-sided labeling of shaped bottles


The rotation and massage belt enables fast and precise all-round labeling of cylindrical products. With the help of several dispensing devices , shaped bottles and canisters be labeled on one or both sides. Thanks to the different modules, a high labeling speed and precision can be achieved.


With a tool-free format change , the system can be quickly and easily converted to the different product formats. Thanks to the clearly visible labeling and the user-friendly HMI design , the operator quickly recognizes which units can be adjusted.

Labeling system for chemical products

Labeler KEM - labeling of cylindrical bottles with rotary belt

Labeler for the chemical industry

Labeler KEM - Lateral labeling of canisters

The company b+b automation and control technology has been developing and producing modular labeling and identification technology for the implementation of legal regulations and regulations such as REACH, GHS/CLP, biocide regulations, transport regulations and much more for several years. In this way, b+b allows its customers maximum flexibility when setting up the production line and when retrofitting is necessary. Together with their customers, b+b develops labeling solutions that are optimally aligned to the respective space and labeling requirements.

Maximum flexibility thanks to modular labellers

Canister labeller

Labeller KEM - Regulation-compliant labeling of canisters

The labellers can also be retrofitted with the modules listed. This gives chemical manufacturers the opportunity to react flexibly to new labeling requirements at any time - and without costly retrofitting.

Video of the labeling system for the chemical industry

Labeler VRM-4S - Labeling machine for square bottles

Labeler KEM - labeling machine for canisters, shaped bottles and cylindrical bottles

Labeler VEE labeling machine for buckets - 3-sided labelling

Labeler RML-FS - Labeling machine for double cartridges

Labeler VRM2-120-DS - Labeling machine for round canisters

Labeller EDS620i-VCB - Labeling machine for sacks

Labeler BLM-HC6-VCB1200 - labeling machine for drums (3 labels)

Labeler IBLM-VCB - Labeling machine for barrel pallet (3 labels)

Labeler IBLM-VCB - labeling machine for IBC containers (3 labels)

Etkettierer für chemische Produkte


Packaging of chemical products in the chemical industry is characterized by diverse and sometimes irregularly designed product and packaging formats. The products are manufactured in dusty or damp environments. Chemical production often runs around the clock. The focus here is on error prevention, documentation and high speeds. These conditions and criteria must be taken into account in the labeling process.  

The product formats in the chemical industry sometimes differ greatly: Whether it's canisters, shaped bottles, spray bottles, cardboard, square or cylindrical bottles - b+b offers the right semi- or fully automatic labeling system for every environmental condition, surface, product format and label.



As a manufacturer of chemical labeling machines, b+b has already implemented many projects for well-known manufacturers, contract packers and re-importers

  • more than 30 years of experience in special machine construction for the chemical industry

  • Specialized and industry specific labeling solutions

  • Efficient labeling machines that meet the requirements of chemical labeling

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