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Manual labeling machines

Our manual labeling systems have been developed for the quick and precise labeling of small batches. Our M-TE series offers cost-effective solutions for  Tamper-evident labeling, seal labeling, and top and bottom labeling. Our manual systems are table dispensers.

Manual labeller

M-TE 80

Manual seal labeller

for cartons and folding boxes

Manual labeller

M-TE 80

Manual top and bottom labeling of cartons and folding boxes

Manuelle Etikettiermaschinen

Semi-automatic labeling machines

Our semi-automatic ones were developed for labeling small to medium-sized batches. They can be used flexibly in semi-automatic or manual production.  The use of semi-automatic labellers can ensure high labeling accuracy and make the process more efficient. The investment costs for semi-automatic labeling systems are lower on average compared to fully automatic systems. The conversion of a semi-automatic labeling system from b+b to a fully automatic labeling system is possible at any time.

Semi-automatic labeller


Semi-automatic labeller for wrap-around labelling

Semi-automatic labeller


Semi-automatic labeller for side labeling

Semi-automatic labeller for tubes


Semi-automatic tube labeller

Semi-automatic seal labeller


Semi-automatic labeller for seal labelling

Semi-automatic labeller for tubes


Semi-automatic labeller for


KEG banding machine


Semi-automatic labeller for containers

Semi-automatic labeller for canisters


Semi-automatic labeller for labeling canisters

Semi-automatic print and apply system


Semi-automatic printing and dispensing system

Halbautomatische Etikettierer

Fully automatic labeling machines

Fully automatic labeling machines are used in automated production lines with high production volumes. An integration into existing production lines - both hardware and software - should be possible. If a high cycle rate of the production line is required, fully automated labeling of the products and packaging is necessary. Fully automatic labeling systems are less personnel-intensive. 

Labeller for side labelling


Fully automatic labeling machine for side labelling
for shaped bottles

Labeller for cylindrical products


Fully automatic labeling machine for cylindrical products

Labeller for ampoules


Fully automatic labeling machine for horizontal products

Labeller for test tubes


Fully automatic labeling machine for test tubes

Labeller for top and bottom labelling


Fully automatic labeling machine for top and bottom labelling

Labelling machine for flat products


Fully automatic labeling machine for flat products

Labelling machine for tamper-evident labelling


Fully automatic labeller for tamper-evident labelling

Labelling machine for tubes


Fully automatic labeling machine for tubes 

Labelling machine for hobbocks


Fully automatic labeller for large containers

Labelling machine for canisters


Fully automatic labeller for canisters
up to 4 pages

Labeller for buckets


Fully automatic labeler for buckets



Fully automatic labeller for sacks

Barrel labeller


Fully automatic labeller for drums



Fully automatic labeller for drums and IBC containers



Fully automatic labeller for cartons

Vollautomatische Etikettiermaschinen


Our labellers are characterized by the highest quality and durability. 


Due to the modular design of our labeling systems, you have the option of having them adapted to changes in your production line.


Our dedicated service staff and technicians will advise you worldwide and are available online around the clock.


Our systems are characterized by accuracy and precision at high labeling speeds.

Bespoken machines

Labelling machine for Petri dishes


Petri dish labeling machine

Labeller for suspension springs


Labeling machine for suspension springs

Labeller for pallets


Labeling machine for pallets

Neckring applicator


Fully automatic labeling machine for Neckring KEG



Fully automatic system for automatic removal

Label inspection system


Fully automatic system for label control

Manual packing station


Manual packing station


Labeling machine manufacturer b + b Automations- und Steuerungstechnik GmbH - made in Germany

Our labeling solutions are made in Germany:  from the development of the labeling system, the design to the production, all manufacturing processes take place in our headquarters in Oberzent in the Odenwald. To meet new market demands, we work closely with our suppliers, partners and customers to develop the most economical labeling solutions.

As a manufacturer of labeling machines and modules and  Accessories for labellers, our customers receive the complete solution from a single source for labeling their products. Thanks to the modular design of our standard machines, our labeling machines offer a high degree of flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

For special requirements, we offer special machines tailored to your wishes and requirements. Thanks to our many years of experience in special machine construction and the standardization of our processes, you benefit from high cost-effectiveness thanks to short development times.

Our labeling systems and labeling machines are characterized by their high quality, modularity, durability and user-friendliness. Together with our subsidiary BBK zettelier- und Sondermaschinenbau GmbH, we have been active in the labeling and marking industry for more than 30 years. 

Label printing and dispensing systems

To implement your labeling requirements, we also offer you the right label printing and dispensing systems in combination with our labeling machines and systems. Our label dispenser and label printer can be flexibly adapted to any requirement. They are ideal for industrial operations - also for multi-shift operations. This makes tagging variable data a breeze.

With our automatic label dispensers, you can mark your products and their packaging precisely and quickly.

  • Automatic label dispenser

  • label printing dispenser

  • Label printing and dispensing systems

  • Integration of printers

Serialization and aggregation solutions

Also in combination with our labeling machines and systems, we offer you all the necessary components to implement the requirements for serialization and aggregation (Track & Trace). In addition to our standard systems, we develop customer-specific solutions and the necessary software modules that go well beyond the usual compliance requirements. It doesn't matter whether you want to serialize small or large batches - you will find the right solution with us.  

  • b+b site server

  • serialization systems

  • aggregation systems

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