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Labeler for manual underside labeling 

Manual underside labeling

Discover the M-TE 80 manual label dispenser: an innovative device for precise and efficient manual labeling tasks. This label dispenser has been specifically designed for labeling folding cartons and cardboard boxes and now offers two new features to optimize your workflows.

  1. The operation of the M-TE 80 is facilitated through a clear 2-line display with three function keys, enabling intuitive and user-friendly handling. This enhancement significantly simplifies the adjustment and control of the labeling system, contributing to efficient workflow operations.

  2. Additionally, the M-TE 80 is equipped with a resettable preselection counter and a resettable countdown counter. These features allow for precise planning and monitoring of labeling tasks. With the ability to reset counters, you can always keep track of your labeling operations and effectively manage your production processes.

Streamline your labeling processes and enhance the efficiency of your workflows with the M-TE 80 and its new features.

In just a few simple steps, the manual labeler can be converted into a sealing labeler.

Another model in our M series is the M-FSM table-top device for manual loading of flat folding boxes and subsequent printing with an inkjet system. Depending on the printer configuration, the unit can also be used to serialize small batches in the pharmaceutical or cosmetics industry. The printed data can then be verified with the optional installation of a camera system.

Video example of manual underside labeling

Video example - Manual labeller for underside labeling of cartons and folding boxes

The solution for smaller, decentralized labeling jobs:

  • ideal table label dispenser

  • reliable, handy with handle bar

  • non-slip stand

  • also suitable for transparent labels

  • easy conversion to other formats

  • repeatable application of labels from product to product

  • Affordable solution

  • Operation via 2-line display with 3 function keys

  • Includes resettable preselection counter and resettable countdown counter

  • can be converted into a manual seal labeller in just a few simple steps

manual seal labelling

Manual labeller for labeling the underside of cartons and folding boxes

Other manual labellers and fully automatic labeling machines for top and bottom labelling:


Manual labeller for seal


The manual labeller M-TE is used to seal -



Fully automatic labeller for top and bottom labelling

The VFP labeller is used for labeling the top and bottom of boxes


Fully automatic labeller for topside labelling

The labeler HSF labels flat fold shells on the top

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