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Labeler for vials | bottles and cans

Labeling machine for all-round labeling

Basic concept of the system for labeling bottles and cans:

With the help of the fully automatic VRM labeling machine, different cylindrical or square products can be labeled quickly and precisely on the circumference - all-round labeling. The machine is therefore used in many industries, from pharmaceuticals to food and cosmetics. The VRM series is suitable for labeling bottles, cans, vials or comparable containers such as pots or bottles. One model can cover several different formats at the same time.

The VRM-DS labeling system includes a 3-roller turning station and is used for outputs of up to 60 products per minute. It is characterized by the highest labeling accuracy and can optionally align the containers using a weld seam, print mark or another feature before labeling (target labeling). The VRM-RB labeling system is used for larger quantities of up to 250 products per minute. With our RAPID label dispenser, we guarantee maximum labeling accuracy in the range of +-0.2 mm to +- 0.5 mm. For labeling small batches or smaller batches, we recommend our semi-automatic labeling machine  TNC-DS for all-round labelling.

Like all labeling systems from our company, this model has a modular design and can be expanded at any time. The advantages such as low set-up costs, high availability and multiple use in different production lines are obvious. The adaptation to the different products is done by simply setting the  machine components and is possible without tools.  

Depending on the application, requirements and industry, we build our labellers in different versions, whereby we always use our extensive assembly library to use our modular system concept. Our labeling machines from the FM model series represent a combination or alternative solution for labeling shaped bottles such as shampoo bottles, small canisters, spray bottles on both sides in addition to round products. 

Additional modules:

The labeling machines can be expanded to include label printing systems such as thermal transfer printing systems, thermal inkjet devices (TIJ), continuous inkjet systems (CIJ) or hot stamping devices. Optional vision systems guarantee quality criteria such as availability, correctness of print data, label placement on your products and put an end to complaints right from the start.

Modell VRM

VRM models


cylindrical and square products

performance up to

50 prod./min


cylindrical and square products

performance up to

250 prod./min


  cylindrical and square products

performance up to

250 prod./min

equipment options

  • TTO pressure module

  • camera system(s)

  • ejection station

  • backup labeller

  • turntable  

  • buffer table

  • label rejection

  • lid labeller

  • bottom labeller

  • Braille Labeller

  • closure labeling

  • Label presence control

  • additional side labeling of shaped bottles or canisters

Fully automatic labelling rail for wrap-around labelling

VRM-DS - Pot labeling with product hold-down device

Fully automatic labeller for wrap-around labelling

VRM-RBpharma - vial labeling with complete pharmaceutical equipment


Video examples:

Video examples with pharmaceutical products:

VRM-80 RT - fully automatic labeling machine for cylindrical bottles 

VRM-DS - labeling of vials -  Application video with infeed turntable, thermal transfer printer and collection in tray

VRM-RBpharma - Labeling of vials of different sizes - Application video with wrap-around labeling, label ejection, product inspection, infeed buffer table and outfeed turntable, integration of Videojet Dataflex 6530 and camera system

Labeler VRM-RB - Labeler for medical bottles

Video examples with chemical products:

VRM-DS-2PA - Labeling of round cans or jars - Application video with wrap-around and lid labeller (printing modules with thermal transfer foil saving function)

Labeller VRM2-120-DS - labeling of round canisters

product samples

The VRM labeling solution can be used to label a wide variety of products such as bottles, vials, jars, small buckets, cans, cups, deodorant rolls, glasses or comparable round or square products.

Important for wraparound labeling of cans, bottles, vials and other round or square products:​

  • High cycle rates for high-consumption products: Our high-performance labeling systems can also be used in production lines for high-consumption or small-format products without any problems.

  • Precise labeling and dispensing accuracy: Even with products with a large diameter that are provided with a long label, there must be no spiral misalignment during the labeling process.

  • Modular expandability: Our labeling systems are modularly expandable and can also be retrofitted with various options such as e.g. B. a serialization or coding unit.

  • Various areas of application: bottle labeller, can labeller, vial labeller.


Would you like a solution from a single source? We offer you the complete solution for all-round labeling of your bottles, cans, vials, glasses or other products. 

Other labeling machines for wrap-around labelling

Labeller for wrap-around labelling

Semi-automatic labeller for wrap-around labelling

The TNC-DS labeller was developed for semi-automatic wrap-around labelling.

Labeller for side labelling

Fully automatic labeller for side


The labeler FM became the   side labeling  developed.

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